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The trend in Nigeria now is to get the new national identity card, especially as most applications, if not all, now require this id. So I had no choice than to get mine. There are 2 ways of applying; there’s the fast process and the slow process (at least that’s what I call it).

THE SLOW PROCESS : Basically, you head over to one of the data capture/registration centers. You would have to stay on a queue, take numbers and wait for your turn. and start afresh.

THE FAST PROCESS : This is where being computer literate becomes useful. All you have to do is pre-register on the website and print out the slip with a bar code, then walk into any center and complete the process. I’m a very busy person, and computer literate, so, obviously, I went for the fast process.

Just as a heads-up, there are currently 37 registration centers in Nigeria, with one located in each state. This is just wrong considering the fact that we have a state like Lagos that is basically overpopulated. But anyway, I digress.

My Experience: After printing my slip,  I headed over to the Lagos NIMC branch at Plot 1, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Opposite Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja – Lagos. Nigeria.

When I got there, I was directed to come in , switch off my phone and sit in a particular section by one guy. It was really creepy because the guy I had to sit next to was staring at me through out. Anyways, I was called to get my height measured since I wrote crap as my height (Lool, I wrote 172cm, who dash me ??? ). After my height was measured, I had to wait for another 10-15 minutes, then my name was called. The attendant was quite nice and all she had to do was scan my barcode to get my details. She corrected some of my information, took my fingerprint  and picture. After that, I was asked to wait again, I think for about 8 minutes. Then a temporary slip was given to me (apparently, the main Id card will be issued within the next 6 months).

Overall, fairly simple process in my opinion. Fellow Nigerians (Coughs), Go get your National Identity Card NOW!!! ReviewNaija Cares. 🙂

PS –  remember the guy that kept on staring, he came outside to ask for my number *winks*


  1. Nice one….the process wasn’t long but having only one centre in lagos isn’t good enough

    1. SandraGee_

      There is joy in being computer literate tolani. lol

  2. One centre in each state isn’t good enough

    1. SandraGee_

      Likeee!!! Too terrible. i remembered the queue outside that day.

  3. Lool.. This was the same process I went through.. Being Smart is the Key, Say “Key”.. By the way, How does a guy walk up to a girl he doesn’t know and ask for her number? I need to do that too.. (˘̯˘ ) ( ˘˘̯)

    1. SandraGee_

      LOOL. Its pretty simple. Just ask.

  4. Pretty easy and straight forward. I did the fast process but I didn’t print the barcode so I walked the breadth of Ikeja looking for a cyber cafe and then their site is TERRIBLE. Takes forever to load. The lady that attended to me was quite nice also

    1. SandraGee_

      The only thing ikeja has is people that will give you tattoos and pink lips lol, and flat tummy too

  5. Gawsh, do Cakes and I have to get this done too? I’m tired of doing data and identity cards.

    1. SandraGee_

      So i am thinking Cakes is the boo yeah ?

      1. Efe G

        lol! yes he is. aww how cute @ berry. i guess you have to do both then..iyawo 😀

  6. Trying to do pre-registration online, on step 4 of 11 and it is no longer responding. I need help.

    1. SandraGee_

      Hey. so, all you have to do is refresh page and it continues from where you stopped. This happens a lot. Its the Nigerian system.

  7. Done mine . Didn’t know about the pre-reg. Had to stand for so long ! It was unbearable.

  8. that is the website have been since oo


    (Please Note that some centers are not permanent and may change over a period of time, we shall update this list as the changes occur)

    Abia Abia State Office Plot P3, Government Station Layout Umuahia
    Umuahia North LGA Umuahia North LGA Council Secretariat
    Aba South Aba South Council Secretariat
    Aba North Aba North Council Secretariat
    Bende Bende Council Secretariat
    Ohafia Ohafia Council Secretariat
    Osisioma ngwa Osisioma Council Secretariat
    Special Center Nigeria Immigration Service, Umuahia
    Adamawa Yola North ADSO Opp. The Scope Newspaper Behind Fed. Sec. Complex, Yola.
    Yola South Yola South LGA Council Secretariat
    Gerei Gerei LGA Council Secretariat
    Song Song LGA Council Secretariat
    Akwa Ibom Akwa Ibom State Office AKSO Fed. Secretariat, Abak Road Uyo
    Abak AK-Abak LO LGA Secretariat, Abak
    Ibeno AN-NIS AWKA SOUTH LGA Secretariat, Ukpenekang
    Mkpat Enin AK-Mkpat Enin LO LGA Secretariat, Mkpat Enin
    Essien Udim Essien Udim Council Secretariat
    Etinan Etinan Council Secretariat
    Uruan Uruan Council Secretariat
    Ibiono Ibom Ibiono Ibom Council Secretariat
    Ikono Ikono Council Secretariat
    Nsit Ibom AK-Nsit Ibom LO LGA Secretariat Afaha Offiong, Nsit Ibom LGA
    Uyo AK-UYO LO Low Cost Housing, By Federal Medical Centre, Abak Road.
    Anambra Anambra State Office ANSO Km1, off Enugu-Onitsha Express Road by Amawbia Bypass, Enugu-Agidi Road, New Town Layout Capital Territory
    Anambra East AN-Anambra East LO Otuocha, Anambra East
    Anaocha AN-Anaocha LO Adazi-Ani, Anaocha
    Awka South AN-Awka South LO Near SSS Office, Amawbia
    Nnewi North AN-Nnewi North LO Umudim, Nnewi North LGA
    Ogbaru AN-Ogbaru LO Onitsha – Osamala Road, Atani
    Onitsha North AN-MILTARY CANTOMENT Military Cantonment Onitsha North
    Onitsha North AN-Onitsha North LO Park Road GRA, Onitsha
    Onitsha South AN-Onitsha South LO Zik Avenue, Fegge, Onitsha
    Special Center Nigeria Immigration Service, Awka
    Bauchi Bauchi State Office BASO No. 3, Abdulkadir Ahmed Close Behind
    CBN Zonal Office P.M.B. 0281
    Alkaleri Alkaleri Council Secretariat
    Ganjuwa Ganjuwa Council Secretariat
    Dass Dass Council Secretariat
    Katagum Katagum Council Secretariat
    Toro Toro Council Secretariat
    Special Center Federal Inland Revenue Services, Bauchi
    Bayelsa Bayelsa State Office BASO DSP Alamieyeseigha Way, By PDP Secretariat Ovom, Yenagoa
    Yenegoa BY-NIS YENAGOA Nigeria Immigration Service, Yenegoa
    SAGBAMA SAGBAMA Council Secretariat
    KOLOKUMA KOLOKUMA Council Secretariat
    OPOKUMA OPOKUMA Council Secretariat
    NEMBE NEMBE Council Secretariat
    OGBIA OGBIA Council Secretariat
    EKEREMOR EKEREMOR Council Secretariat
    Special Center NIS Yenegoa Nigeria Immigration Service, Yenegoa
    Special Center NAF Yenegoa Nigeria Airforce Base, Yenegoa
    Borno Borno state NIMC Office Near International Airport Junction, Jos road, Maiduguri
    BENUE Benue State Office Benue state Office Jonah Jang Crescent, By Federal Secretariat Makurdi
    Makurdi Nigeria Air Force Base, Makurdi LGA Council Secretariat
    Kastina-Ala Kastina-Ala LGA Council Secretariat
    Gwer West Gwer West LGA Council Secretariat
    Vandikya Vandikya LGA Council Secretariat
    Tarka Tarka LGA Council Secretariat
    Logo Logo LGA Council Secretariat
    APA APA LGA Council Secretariat
    Gboko Gboko LGA Council Secretariat
    Kwande Kwande LGA Council Secretariat
    Cross River Cross River State Office CRSO Murtala Muhammed Highway, Near Calabar City Gate, Calabar
    Abi CR-Abi LO Council Hqtrs – Itigidi
    Akpabuyo CR-Akpabuyo LO Investment House
    Calabar Municipal CR-NAF SMG Nigeria Airforce Base Calabar
    Special Center CR-NIS CALABAR Nigeria Immigration Service Calabar
    Ogoja Ogoja Council Secretariat
    Biase Biase Council Secretariat
    Calabar South CR-Calabar South LO Main Avenue, by Yellow-Duke Street
    Odukpani CR-Odukpani LO Council Hqtrs Odukpani
    Delta Delta State Office D

  10. When wl the ID card registration end

  11. Please where can I register for national I.d card?.I stay at apapa lagos state

  12. thats how it suppose to be! because i also went through all that hahahahahahahah!!!

  13. Pleas, sir, I am Akingbade. about my ID CARD i did it last year november20 2014 . and i do a mistake then. my date of birth is not corect, i rote( 20 october 1967) insted of 28 november 1967) and i have been calling the office no body pick the call till today i email the office. Surnam Akingbade,first name iyiola, middlename lawrence .Gender MALE. pleas help me out ,sir/mar.GOD bless you.

  14. Thanks a lot for this review SandraGee; very helpful!

    Have you since received your permanent ID card?

  15. Please, I want to know wealther my own ID is ready. I registered at Enugu On 28th January this year. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOONEST

    1. SandraGee_

      I don’t think it is, if it was, they would contact you

  16. is the temporary slip as valid as the national id card, and have yu been able to get the national id now?

    1. SandraGee_

      hey Ife, Yes, I believe it is, at least that’s what I was told. And No, wasn’t able to

      1. ohhh okay thanx, well did u take ur birth certificate as a mode of identification or wah did u use to identify urself?.. Thank yu

  17. I register since march last year,i have not heard anything about it. Can you please give me any information on how to collect my card?

  18. Please, when ever my ID is ready don’t fail to contact me. thanks

  19. cedap village in auchi polytechnic campus 2 edo state

  20. HELP! Hi, please im tryin to access the website so that i can do my online reg but to no avail, kindly assist meon the site to visit. thanks

  21. hi EFE, keeps saying untrusted site. i need help please

    1. yeah so I just ignored the warning and proceeded.

  22. Hi Sandra. . . I’ve been tryn’na register and the site isn’t opening. . .Its showing an ‘Error’ page. . . Any advice on what I can do?

    1. Not sure..I’d say try a different browser? The site is working for me so its probably something on your end

    2. SandraGee_

      Hmm. I think you should try again. It just went thru here.

  23. After the upgrading days that Nimc went on break to resume on the 19 december. I went to there awka anambara STate they said that work on registration have not resume as supposed and the don’t no when else they we re-start registration. Need to no if other states are work.

  24. How can i be a member, for registering peopple. I.e an agent.

  25. why is Nigeria so so deficient in many ways. ordinary to retrieve your password as regards the NICM is a problem. i think when trying to retrieve your password and the link to reset the password is been sent to your mail, shouldnt it be sent with your username. just fed up with the whole registration *ish……rubbish.

  26. i have caompleted my own registration and was given a temporary card since 2013 but up till now the original id card has not been issued to me pls what is holding you people?

  27. I have my enrolment. Slip before I went to alausa to proceed on my national identity card. I was told before that when one got there around 8 am, he. Will be number 1000 for queue.. To my surprise I got there around 9 and I was on number 55.before they ask you in you must provide any means of I dentification. I was with m voters card and the man attended to check my date of birth and ask me if the date is corect and I told hi yes which I lied.. I enter the office, one alhaja ask me to come forth for measurement after that I was directed to immgration office to check my slip, after checking he ask me to submit my slip to a lady. I waited for just 5 minute before a minute oeprating system call my name. I didn’t heart at first, cause I never imagine that I would be call so fast, he call the second time I quickly rush to him and he satrted taking my info and ask me to cross check if there is any mistake. He saw the age I used on my pvc different with the one I regietser for the national I identity card, he ask which one is corretc I told him the one my pvc is not correct, he noww directed to alhaja to tell me what to do. I ent to alhaja and she said the only thing I can do is to go and do age declaration at alausa another waha la.. I had no chocie than to go back again . I left there and enter alausa secretarial for age declaration. After I gor my age declaration I went back there to the same man and he attended to me qucickly and direct me to another department when my slip is printed out before 2 minute and the told me they will send text for my I’d card..m how I wish every organization will work fast as the nimc do

  28. Hi i live at apapa, where is nimc office in apapa thanks

  29. When will I get my id card enrolled since November 2014 or is there any site to cross check to know either is ready or not.

  30. my national identity is redi

  31. i enrolled in for national id card since last year November but i didn’t get my national I’d up till nw

  32. NIN 73601 897300 National Identity Management Commission 11,Sokode Crescent, off Dalaba Street, Zone 5 Wuse, Abuja Nigeria

  33. I enrolled my nimc since May 2013 up till now I didn’t get it even people after me were collecting 32749422174

  34. Since July 21, 2014 I registered at Ojo Local Govt., of Lagos State with tracking no. S7Y0OG2YF0001XM and I was issued with Enrollment Transaction Slip, I have been visiting the LG to collect my National Identification Number Slip(NINS) all to no avail. I was told that my registration had a problem and that it will be rectified soon. How long will it take a nation of 55yrs old to rectify whatever problem caused by those who registered me. Please I need my NINS and my original I’D. My phone nos are 08037184588 and 08029240787.

  35. please I do register national identity card since 16 12 2013 and of til now I do not receive messages to come and collect the plastic one. please am wetting for your sms

  36. Hello there, I am using this medium to requested for my original National Identity card. I did my enrollment since December 2013. What they issue to me was a slip. And then no text message or email concerned about the original card. I went to the office which I did my registration I was told that they selected some persons and print their. Is it not bias? Of a truth some gotten their original card. Then my question is what happened to the others who are yet get their own? When are we expecting them? Particularly my own?

  37. pls i want to know why now i didnt receiving notificatn dat my I.D card is ready since 20-03-2014 pls let me know reason.

  38. To My Surprise I Have Enrolled Since November 2013 But Uptill Now I Can Collecte The Plastic

  39. i want to use this medium to beg the nimc, i have enrolled since 17 of August 2015 up to now i haven’t receive my slip I D please i am in really in need of it. my tracking ID is S7ONYFHU0006M6. PLEASE DO IT FOR ME.

  40. Plz I want use this medium to pleade with nimc to release my nimc slip I need it to pay my fees in order write my exams plz here is my tracking ID s7y0o0zjd0003ee plz help me I have exams on Thursday plz I beg with God name help me

  41. Plz have not received any text from nimc and i was told that if i dont receive any text i should nt come back my tracking ID is s7y0o0zjd0003ee and my number is 09090400813 thanks

  42. I am Endurance Omorotionmwan. I have enrolled for nimc I’d since August 17 2015 to this month of December all to no avail ever since I went there throughout August to December all they told me and still telling me is that the slip I’d is not ready, and now i was ask to come February 7 2016. please nimc I really want u to intervene. please if i can just get the slip id if not the plastic now please i will really appreciate. my tracking id is S7YONYFHU0006M6, REG centre EDSO-SEAMFIX, please this my number 08183861392 or 08123761205. in case any solution.

  43. this nimc site isn’t working, I had checked my card statue much times, up till now it says (sorry no result for this search and your card has not been dispatched, check back in a week or so) I want know if its really working cuz I still cannot figure out why it gives same result every time I check, so I enter a wrong spelled info as
    follows( Golria James 587876) unfortunately it gives me same same result which other Nigerians get (dear Gloria, your card has not been dispatched and not ready, check back in a week or so, it sucks, pls fix this Nigeria, i’ve enrolled for more than a year, I haven’t get my nimc card, it unfair

  44. Hello there,
    if somebody like me wants to know if his/her id card is ready, how can such individual be notified knowing fully well how the system works here? I am in dire need of mine. i registered last year, i was given a temporary one with the assurance that the original copy would be ready soon? how do i know when mine is ready? Thank you.
    Anthony 08039450356.

  45. I was denied to be registered for national I’d card, because I refused to pay for bribe at the local government for over 1 month now and I don’t know whom to complain to , I went back again thinking the must have forgotten my face two of the guys that was suppose tovdirect people inside told the guy capturing not to register me I came out and one of the guys followed me and told me someone have to board me that I should pay, I went to the next center not knowing one of them followed me and told the person that was suppose to direct people inside not to allow me Till I pay . my email

    1. Kome G

      Wow! Must be very frustrating. Did you try doing the application online?

  46. place have register on the 25/11/2013 that port hat court center my no is 10151596761 all it none I didn’t received message from u people why who can I see my card

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