I rarely have the time to watch these sorts of videos, but I’d been hearing about “3LiveChicks” and had some spare time at work today, so I watched the 3LIVECHICKS Interview with BASKETMOUTH and IK. For the sake of full disclosure, I LOVE Basketmouth and he’d rarely do wrong in my eyes. I’m super happy for his success! I remember dragging my parents/family to every night of a thousand laughs/other comedy show I knew he’d be performing at..I mean, I didn’t only encourage them to attend these events because of my love for Basketmouth, but I knew my parents would never let me go alone so everyone was invited to the party! And then to hear his UK tour was a huge success? True “surulere” story right there! Anyway, I digress…see video below…



Couple of things caught my attention with this video:

1) Comment made by one of the host’s, Oreka, at 05:28,”Some people assume that as a comedian, you have a lot of time on your hands”… I’m no comedian, but I don’t think successful Comedians really have a lot of “time” on their hands. As with most, if not all professions, to be one of the best requires hard-work! It’s work making people laugh and perfecting the craft. And as Basket said, I think if you know your stuff and are great at whatever you do, it should be good enough! No need for “what else”…

2) Basketmouth! Lol. He’s funny even when he’s not trying to be funny. I found it super hilarious (from 19:50) when he was describing the situation when a babe is 35/pushing 40 and not yet married.. “any guy just come”; had me rolling on the floor! lol

3) Major LOL at calling out D’banj (08:20 – 08:37). I must agree though, it has been quite the transition for him…

dbanj suruleere
Pics from the above video

4) I don’t know about you, but I was feeling some kind of vibes from Oreka throughout this video. At 15:50, she’s backing up the “2 for 1 comment” by Tosyn, and basically, her point is that you date a doctor because he has money and can heal you, so he just doesn’t do 1 thing..and so you just can’t do 1 thing/just be a comedian. Hian!  Naija guys hope you’re listening to this oh!  I mean, I agree that your husband should add value in more ways than one, but the value he’s adding shouldn’t be measured by his wealth/benefits you get from his chosen profession (and side gigs)! Plus, it should be a two way thing..so if you’re going to ask a guy “what else do you do” aka “how else can you add value to my life”, you should expect to be asked that same question and be sure to have a solid answer! And also comment at 21:17….something along the lines of 1 naira, stay where you are, 1 million naira can’t do anything, 1 million pounds can make a small dent…I really hope she was joking oh..if not, that’s pretty deep!

Overall, I completely agree that with money comes some kind of respect for a job/position (even, as Basket pointed, Native Doctors..lol). I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this video (especially point 4 highlighted above)…meanwhile ..let us know your kind of guy by taking the poll below…


  1. Greatness

    Saw this on a Website: “Potential is exciting, but you can’t have a relationship with someone’s potential.”

    My view: Money is also exciting, and a person can have a great relationship with it, but it is not a man.

    1. Avatar

      lol money is not a man, you are right about that..but are you saying that money cannot replace man?!? because i’m pretty sure it can and has in a lot of cases today. should that be the case? no! but it definitely happens…

  2. Avatar

    Well, I’m not surprised. There are gold diggers everywhere in the world..nothing new here. As for me and my house, as long as he’s got potential, we are a go!

  3. Greatness

    Talking about the term ‘Man’, I actually mean that emotional satisfaction a person gets from being in a healthy relationship. So it can also be with another Woman or Pet.Money cannot replace that emotional need, which is really what a woman needs, this is where true happiness resides.However money can boost my sexual adventures, if I have more money I can sleep with more women, or a woman can have more men. This is not happiness, it is simply lust (which is still okay).”But Lust isn’t love”.It should really be about Happiness, and once an individual finds that right partner, they immediately attain divinity.

  4. Greatness

    Btw babes who look out for potential usually don’t have a hard time getting married.

    The yeyecious ones that look for cash often have a hard time, or end up with an elite ape.

  5. Greatness

    On a final note, truly independent people don’t even need a person with potential.

    This potential idealogy is still questionable because it still deals with the ‘future prospects’ of getting cash.

    Just have someone that can give you genuine happiness.

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