PHONE NUMBER: 911, 767

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This review is based on my experience dialing 911 in Lagos after I’d seen a lifeless body just lying on the road. I wasn’t really expecting a response, so you can imagine my surprise when someone answered the phone! Upon further research, it appears it’s a public service available in Lagos, and run by an agency called Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA). See below for additional information regarding LASEMA before reading about my experience.

Vision: For prompt, effective/efficient response to emergency/disaster management in the State.

Mission: “To institutionalize an emergency management plan that would foster political commitment awareness and participation, inter-sectorial and agency collaboration and sustainable development including protection of life, property and the environment”.

Goal: To manage and mitigate emergency/disaster in the State.

Policy Thrust: To respond promptly and adequately to all forms of emergency/disaster situation in the State.

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My Experience:

On my way back from school one sunny afternoon, I discovered a lifeless body lying on the sidewalk of Edmund Crescent, Yaba. It was a well dressed man, mid 40’s and he didn’t look insane. I kept on wondering which authority to call because I never thought 911 would work in Naija. I decided to try dialling 911 anyway, and it miraculously went through. Apparently, 911 is somehow connected to Lagos Emergency help centre and that was the reason I got a response. #EkoOniBaje

I was attended to by a lady. She politely asked for my name, my location at that time and the location of the case. She was very reassuring and she promised that the appropriate authorities would be informed.

After explaining and giving directions for like 2 minutes, the conversation ended and I was really impressed. The body was picked up within 30 minutes by the appropriate local government authorities.

Some hours later, I got a follow-up call from a lady in the Emergency Centre. She called to ask my opinion on their service and response. She mentioned that they were still improving their services and response times, and they hoped to be better.

Tbh, I was really impressed and very proud of the prompt response and follow-up. I encourage you all to try the toll free help line whenever there is an emergency in your area (if you’re in Lagos).

I will rate this service an 8 over 10 because of the prompt response and easy accessibility. However, I will like other states to adopt this system and have emergency help lines.

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    Wow. Really surprised. Thanks for the update.

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    So cool. I always thought 911 was a Yankee thing. So, I never even bother to enter it.

    Do you think we can call 811 incase of a fire emergency?

    Lagos is Moving forward, the rest of the country should too! #APC.

    1. SandraGee_

      As in! Same.. Never tried 811 tho, but I’m sure it won’t go thru lool. Report all cases to 911 lol. Change is APC ?? Good good.

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    I had NO IDEA we even had an Emergency Management Agency! Thanks for the enlightenment @sandragee

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    It works big time. Called 911 here in Abuja. When armed robbers visited my home and was connected to d force HQ in less dan 10mins and later connected to the nearest police station around my area and the cops showed up. All under 25mins. I think its a Nation active number not restricted to Lagos alone. God Bless Nigeria!

    1. SandraGee_

      Hmm, impressive. I tried it at Ogun state and I was informed it was for Lagos only. However, this was sometime last year. But thanks for the update.

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    Yeah, the emergency service works. Tried it a couple of times, two fire incidences i witnessed in luth and an accident at stadium busstop at 12am. The numbers I know are 767 and 112 though, which are primarily for lagos.

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