I am finally writing this review after Efe, my darling, has harassed me for over two weeks. Anyways, this review is going to focus on two very good Carpenters I have had experiences with in the past; Baba Segun and Akeem. I will also include reviews of a Welder (Baba Balogun) and a Bricklayer (Mr Iyanda).

Baba Segun (Carpenter) – Phone #s: 0803-583-4441, 0808-497-6753, 0809-853-4441

Baba Segun happens to be my mum’s main carpenter. Brief history on their relationship – My mum is someone who is always constructing some kind of building or renovating our house when there is no building project to engage her. Construction projects just excite her so she has quite a few handymen on speed dial if I can say that. Back to Baba Segun.

I have known Baba Segun for as long as my childhood memories go back through my mum’s projects. Baba Segun is by far the most creative carpenter I have met in my life. All my parents had to do was show him the space, explain the features they must have and he usually explains what his imagination has come up with. For example in my old house, there was a walk way connecting two parts of the house that was just meant to be left open. While Baba Segun was doing his work (Designing the Kitchen and Wardrobes) he spoke to my mum about designing a door to create some kind of division (this was not part of the work he was given) and my mum approved it. Not only was the door appropriate, it lasted the whole 14 years we lived in that house. The only thing we had to change was the lock when we misplaced the key. Also, Baba is quite honest. He usually tells you if he is too busy to take your work on and his services are reasonably priced.  Now to Baba Segun’s downside – he is incredibly slow with his work. When we give Baba Segun work we have to wait weeks to get it delivered. My parents have had several disagreements with him over this. There was a period of three years (I think) that my mum did not contact him for any work but the frustration of working with other carpenters and the low quality of their work made her call him back. Also, his workshop is very far. I think it is in Ejigbo (somewhere around that area of Lagos sha). So you cannot just vex and go to his workshop to collect your work.

Akeem (Carpenter) – Phone # 0802-395-5366

The second carpenter, Akeem. He was introduced to us by my sister’s friend. You see with Akeem, you have to know exactly what you want done for you. All you need is to show him a picture and he will reproduce what he sees. He has very limited imagination. On the positive side, he delivers whenever he says he will and the quality is very good.  This has lad to an increase in his clientele to everyone in my family including my sister’s mother in law. All the work he has done for us, we have not had any problem, but let me state here that we usually demand from our handymen the highest quality of work. Another problem with Akeem is that he likes money too much, so when it comes to bargaining he is very bad at it but he is reasonably priced. Also, his workshop (located in Sangotedo)  is far so you cannot vex and go to his workshop. To be honest, no one in my house knows exactly where his workshop is, but wherever the work is he goes and he doesn’t complain about the distance.

Baba Segun or Akeem?

I personally use a mix of both of them and some other crazy carpenters that have worked with me since I moved back.  I use Akeem when I have a very good picture of what I want as he doesn’t really mess up the design you give him, and I use Baba Segun when I have an idea but I am not entirely sure what I want and I have the luxury of time.

Baba Balogun (Welder) – Phone # 0802-345-8238

There are other handymen we have worked with in the past that have delivered excellent work – such as Baba Balogun our Welder. He is by far the most honest, diligent and time conscious artisan I have ever come across in my life. This man will call you if he has an appointment and stuck in traffic to tell you he is going to be late. Also, he does have good imagination with his job and delivers when he says he will, if not earlier.

Mr Iyanda (Bricklayer) – Phone # 0812-444-1767

Another artisan is my mum’s bricklayer, Mr Iyanda. This man is very diligent with his work. My mum has used him on her last four projects. This man requires very little supervision and is very honest. He told my mum he will be done with the block work for her project in two weeks and he delivered with minimal errors. We found out that his work strategy is to sleep on site for as long as he can. So for this particular project I am talking about, my mum needed the work completed ASAP. To achieve this in the two weeks, he slept at the site the whole time without anyone telling him or him being supervised, except for the occasional visit from the engineers and architects.

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