I just heard a very scary story and would like to share to increase awareness. Things have gotten so bad out here that armed robbery and kidnapping are slowly becoming the norm once more. Please read this story, share with your loved ones, and stay safe.

Nene, Lexi, Amaka and Ik had gone out on a Saturday and were returning from a club around 2:00am in a 2 car convoy when they got separated. At this point, Amaka and Ik were already ahead in a separate car, and a car had blocked off Nene and Lexi on Adjose Adeogun, right before Ligali Ayorinde. 4 guys dressed in DSS police uniform got out of the car with guns. Nene was wondering why the police had abruptly cut them off and had guns out. Instantly, Lexi’s instincts kicked in and he’s like “these are not real police”. As Lexi was putting the car in reverse to speed away, Nene called Amaka to inform her that something was fishy and that they should find a nearby police checkpoint for help.

As Lexi was firing off in reverse, the “policemen” followed after, also in reverse. Lexi lost control of the car, slammed into a wall, airbags deflated, etc. Luckily, neither Lexi nor Nene was seriously injured. One of the “policemen” opened the door and said “shebi you want to run?” He ushered them into the “police car”. Meanwhile, they were begging, offering all their valuables, and the “policemen” seemed uninterested.

Lexi and Nene are now in the back of the police car with one other “policeman”. 2 of the policemen are behind driving Lexi’s car at this point. During the ride, the policemen were asking Lexi and Nene about their backgrounds; where they live, where they work, their last names, etc. Lexi and Nene were frantically answering their questions as vaguely as possible when the driver of the car got a call. The 2 “policemen” had called to inform their counterparts that the totaled car could no longer move, so both cars had to stop.

As the “policemen” were trying to figure out what to do (since there were now 6 passengers and only 1 car), Lexi saw a Diamond Bank. He mentioned that both him and his wife have Diamond Bank accounts and could pull out all the cash from both accounts if they could just get to the atm. In a surprising twist of fate, the “policemen” actually let them go to the atm without an escort. Once Lexi and Nene had successfully crossed the street, they both started running. Lexi remembers grabbing his wife by the hands and saying “at least let it be known that we died trying”. As they started running, a car came out of nowhere and someone was screaming “Lexi, Nene, get in the carrrr”. Turns out Amaka and Ik had been in a corner watching this ordeal unfold. They were unable to get help and had intended to tail the car for as long as possible.

This is a true life story of how a couple almost got kidnapped in Victoria Island! Nor be film trick. And this happened pretty recently too. Please stay alert. Share with family and friends to create awareness.

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    Moral of the Story: Don’t go clubbing, don’t go anywhere. Stay at home 24hrs, 7 days a week and watch TV all day. That’s what I do.

    1. Kome G

      But that shouldn’t be life nau? I’m currently out of Nigeria and so excited to go and grab breakfast at like 4:30am, or stay out late wandering the streets just because. Makes me such a happier person!!

      I should be able to do so in my country too. Rather unfortunate.

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    You left out the part where Amaka and Ik had gone to the different check points to try to get police help but for some reason on this night none of the police guys were there.

    You also didn’t mention how after they escaped they went to the police station near small market where the police wasted at least an hour of their time before following them to the scene.

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