I saw that @instablog9ja on Instagram reported the kidnapping of CBN Governor Emefiele’s wife: I proceeded to read some of the comments below the post and was in awe! @dehiz captured my thoughts exactly. Dear Nigerians, why is everything a laughing matter? How are we able to turn a kidnapping situation into a freaking joke?…

Tips to Public Transport in Lagos

· Pray before departing
· Always have change and small denomination notes
· Foresee and know every part of your journey
· Have a positive mindset towards the whole thing, and you will laugh a lot if you observe and listen, especially in Danfo Buses.

Lets begin by analyzing:

Okada: Forget convenience, forget safety. I am late for my flight and Airport Road is blocked. Well, call one of these bad boys and they will help you maneuver traffic.

However Okada guys are crazy, some are mad, some are still learning to drive the damn thing and others have watched too much Jackie Chan movies…

In my opinion, Babcock University did a really good job hosting this event, especially considering that there are a lot, and I mean a lot of rules and regulations students need to adhere to. Some of which include:

A strict vegetarian diet. i.e. no meat or fish, but tofu and egg
9:45pm curfew
No coke/pepsi
No trousers or jewelry
No loud makeup
No “dorcasing” (a Babcock student is the only person that can explain what this means).
No cooking, as food is served in the cafeteria

I’m no music expert, but I love Naija music! I’ve loved Nigerian music since I was young…even when our only Naija artist options were the likes of Sunny Neji, Tony Tetuila, 2face, Mad Melon and Mountain Black (danfo drivers)…lol. I remember my cousin asking why I loved Nigerian music so much and I used to joke that it’s because I understood what they were saying…which is partially true. I’m actually good with lyrics of local and international songs alike, however, I just really like that most Nigerian songs aren’t laced with profanity and absurd lyrics. If at all anything, our lyrics tend to be very mild and usually centered around dancing and money…getting money, paying money, and getting more money!

Anyway, here are my top 5 songs from December 2015…not the whole year oh, just my fav songs during the holiday period…

I finally made it to Tinubu market and decided to provide a couple of naija market tips for the adventurous tourist or the ajebutter pikin who decide to visit markets in Nigeria. Here it goes!!

So my fellow diaspora brethren, if you’ll be visiting home for Christmas I’d suggest you just wait till you get to Naij and save yourself the stress and $45. My assumption is that most, if not all, Nigerian residents should have completed the BVN process by December so it shouldn’t take too long for us “Christmas visitors” or “IJGBs” to complete the process (unless, of course, Naija factor happens)…

As someone who has been toying around with the idea of moving back home, I’m always excited to watch videos like the one I’m about to share. Honestly, abroad is great! I guess I shouldn’t generalize… let me rephrase. The US is great! Especially when you’re close to family and loved ones. It’s not really like the days of my parents when one couldn’t really aspire for much and had to settle for not so great jobs. One can actually aspire to do great stuff in the US nowadays…BUTTTTT, and this is a VERY BIG BUT…

While discussing with BJ, he mentioned I’d be able to get a 2 bedroom in 1004 for about 150USD per night. However, he wasn’t willing to take my reservation just yet. Why? Because I was looking for a room in December and he felt like prices would have increased by then. Plus, there’s the possibility that other folks may want to rent out the space for like a month or more. My reservation was for only 11 nights. Hmmm. BJ suggested I check back in early December, and if the space was still available, then I could reserve it. #interesting

Is it ok for a company/artist to not take any reservations because prices may be higher in the future? Or should there be a somewhat set pricing schedule, especially one that reflects appropriate pricing during peak seasons (e.g. Christmas, Easter, etc.) Let me know what you think!