Turns out our very own ReviewNaija (or RN, as we like to call it), was nominated for the Nigerian Blog Awards (NBA) under the Best Topical Blog category!

We’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our readers!! And those of you who went ahead to nominate us!!! We really weren’t expecting this AT ALL! Plus, I hear it’s quite the process to be shortlisted for an NBA. So thanks again guys! We truly appreciate this.

Now, we have to win!!! And we need your votes…

There’s always one story or another whenever I fly through MMIA. I’m sure you guys have your stories as well! Biko, Don Allah, Se il vous plait, Ejo, Please send them in so we can continue to share these stories and recommend innovative solutions to these issues we face.

Just the other day I flew Ethiopian Airlines from the US to Naija (steer clear of this airline! Read my experience here) and had to use the restroom at MMIA. As a side note, there’s a really nice Heineken bar at the departure gates that I’d highly recommend (pricey but very nice environment).

I’d walked into the restroom and once in the toilet stall realized there was no toilet paper. So I got out and saw a roll of tissue, grabbed it, and went back into the stall.

Not up to 30 seconds later, someone was banging on my stall door:

“Give me the tissue. There’s someone in the male toilet that needs it”.

I quickly realized it was the cleaner.

The Federal Government in conjunction with INEC tried to make 2015 Valentine’s day impossible, but trust the strong prayers of the Nigerian Girlfriends Association – val’s day shall hold!

A lot of readers have been waiting for this guide, and trust us at ReviewNaija not disappoint! We have done some research and asked around on your behalf.

All of you last minute folks, get in here!

I try as much as possible to attend the Holy Ghost Night Service at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Camp in Ogun state. It’s always a great experience; amazing testimonies, powerful miracles, awesome sermons, etc. And this year’s was not a disappointment. However, I had to use the public toilet at camp this year and that experience was quite the shocker!!

Overall, It was a disappointing experience and I sincerely hope I won’t have any reason to visit their toilets again. Majority of the volunteers were rude, and they kept on talking to us at the top of their voices…almost like we were children! There was only one civil attendant who’d tried to reassure everybody that they would get their turn.

I understand that the attendants are not paid to handle the public toilets, and they basically volunteer since they are working in the house of the Lord, but why volunteer if you know you won’t function well in that department? My advice? Volunteering is not by force! Involve yourself in departments where you will work well!

ReviewNaija would like to wish y’all and yours a HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is the year of reviews upon reviews upon reviews…. reviews from our RN team AND y’all… AMEN! LOL. Have a great day and a prosperous year filled with happiness and growth. Amen. 🙂

To say I’m overwhelmed at this point would be grossly understating the obvious. And this is all thanks to our very own electoral commission body, INEC. For those of you who missed it, 9th of December was supposed to be last day for the registration for the voters card – your passport to vote next year.

For most of us the urge to register didn’t stem from our enthusiasm to vote. NO! It was mostly to be on the safe side so when some sort of application comes up, you wouldn’t be blackmailed. That alone says a lot about the country. A country where there is no interest whatsoever in who our leaders are. It is not that we don’t care who wins, it is that we know, that really we don’t count! Our opinions and even our votes. Well really, that’s no reason for not trying but all that is even beside the point. I still believe I had the worst INEC experience and I need opinions from others to convince me otherwise.

“Life takes a sudden turn when 12 year old Ajoke loses her parents in a fire accident. She becomes a maid and slowly has her life ruptured by the turn of events. There are twists as time slowly ticks by. A well told emotional story of pain, grief, and of course hope for a redefining of a lost course in the journey of life as the playwright touches your emotions with real circumstances that life and society design.” You definitely do not want to miss this play!

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You know when all is going well, and the devil decides to strike? That’s what happened when my Nikon Camera Lens got damaged and my phone’s screen cracked around the same period. I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with my review, but what is a review without pictures? Let me not scare you…remember God has a way of having things work out for his children. I do have pictures for this one!

So you know how last year, we at RN put together a list of events/activities/places to check out during the holiday season in Lagos? (if you missed it, see here). Well, we want to do the same this year…and we’ll need YOUR help!!

All you have to do is drop a comment below or send us an e-mail of any activities, events, new places etc you’re excited for this holiday season and why. We’ll be compiling a list (just like the one here) based on your recommendations. Plus, if we could add activities for our brethren outside of Lagos that’d be GREAT! To top it all, I’d love you forever if you participate in this short and fun exercise! 🙂

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