Our very first review on Carpenters, A Welder, and A Bricklayer! #superexcited Please keep them coming!!!

Excerpt: I am finally writing this review after Efe, my darling, has harassed me for over two weeks. Anyways, this review is going to focus on two very good Carpenters I have had experiences with in the past; Baba Segun and Akeem. I will also include reviews of a Welder (Baba Balogun) and a Bricklayer (Mr Iyanda).

I feel like every time I travel via Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) there’s always one issue or the other. If the roof isn’t leaking, then the conveyor belt isn’t working. Or the custom officers are looking for egunje forming activity. There’s always something, and I’m sure I’m not alone! In light of that, I’d like to start a column: MMA Shenanigans (MMAS)! With MMAS, we’d be able to exchange ridiculous stories of our experiences at MMA! How fun!! Now, let me get us started!

Anyway, it was finally our turn! We presented our docs and waited patiently for officer A.G Dashe (I believe was his name) to complete his review. He went through my docs and put them aside. Then, he started going through my sisters documents. My sis and I were chatting away so we didn’t even realize what was going on at first. But on closer observation, we realized that there were like two other officers who’d approached Mr. Dashe and given him some other lady’s documents to review. So he’d dropped my sister’s and started reviewing the other lady’s documents. Mind you, this lady was never in line! UNACCEPTABLE!

The latest problem in Nigeria is the Ebola Virus, and trust Nigerians to panic. On the 20th of July, Patrick Sawyer arrived Lagos from Liberia. Unfortunately, he was a carrier of the Ebola Virus and since the virus is highly contagious, it has begun to spread with 10 confirmed cases in Lagos as of Monday Aug 11, 2014.


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Lets Make This Happen! Thanks Guys!

In the wake of torrential complaints from the citizenry, the Federal Government has decided to alleviate our sorrows by rehabilitating the Lagos – Ibadan Expressway. The only reason we have the facts behind the contract is because the Presidency has encouraged transparency in some parts of government like the Bureau of Public Procurement and opacity in others like the Nigerian National Petroleum Company….

Hi All!

Just a quick note to let y’all know we’re back! We were in the middle of changing our host company and hit a little bit of a snag. Sincerest apologies, and thanks for your patience and continued support.

PS – Only 2.5 weeks left to participate in The RN Review Contest 2014 for a chance to win up to 10GB of free data! Send in your reviews today!!

Efe over and out 🙂

Only 3.5 weeks left to participate in The RN Review Contest 2014 for a chance to win up to 10GB of free data! Send in your reviews today!!

UPDATE ON 06/30: For your review to qualify, you must send in a review of an organization that hasn’t already been reviewed on RN. You can use the search functionality (or google) to check if an organization has already been reviewed. Otherwise, we’re also happy to check for you if you send us an email.

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