This is a long overdue post, but I have been searching for clear/quality pictures, as the ones I have are not so clear… Anyways.

The anticipation of the programme, Mr and Miss Medilag, has finally come to an end as our winners have finally been chosen. The programme was organised by COMPSSA, an association in medilag, and El Pharos group.

This morning I got a message from my bank. “Happy democracy day”. Ok I’m happy to be alive. That’s something to be thankful for. But what has democracy brought to the table of the common man since its inception? Other than the freedom to wag our tongues at the antics of our leaders. But our voices fall on deaf ears. We ridicule our leaders every chance we get. I won’t lie I find some of the satires amusing but let’s be truthful…what has it done to better our lives as Nigerians?

I am writing this post with so much emotion. It is scary how our very safe Nigeria is now in a terrible mess.We have all heard of the killings, the bombings, the kidnappings, everything. I won’t even bother to go back to the previous activities of the various terrorist groups in Nigeria, because the recent ones are more than enough.On the 14th of April, there was an explosion at the Nyanya motor pack in Abuja, and this led to the death of over a hundred people. Later, we were informed that the popular terrorist group called Boko Haram had claimed to be the ones responsible.

“Popular Nigerian TV Sports Broadcaster, Aisha Falode is suspecting that her only son, Tyler (also known as Toba) was murdered by an Arab boy, pushed down from balcony of his apartment on 17th floor of the high building. She said the Dubai Police is working to cover up the crime. In an interview with SaharaTV, Ms. Aisha also accused the Nigerian Embassy of lethargy about protection of lives of Nigerians living or schooling abroad.” – Video summary from SaharaReporters on YouTube

It appears the song, Shuffering & Shimiling by Fela Kuti, was released in 1978, 36 years ago!! And as I listened to the lyrics a few days back, I thought to myself “Wow, not much has changed”. See lyrics below…from 36 years ago!!! I’ve highlighted the sections I find to be so true even in today…

Suffering & Smiling: Every day na the same thing yesterday and today..but not forever. I’m just so saddened with the situation in Nigeria, but not sure what we can and should do at this stage. What needs to be done? And realistically speaking, what can or can’t we do to get things moving in the right direction? Welcome your thoughts on this topic…

I would love to share my experience with on this issue of peeing in public, and would implore your comments. Personally, I believe private parts should remain private; unnecessary and random exposure equates lack of value.

I remember while growing up, most children would unzip/pull down their pants to pee in public and did not care. I mean what the heck, you were young and free, right? But it’s sad that grown adults – particularly men – still indulge in this untamed habit of peeing in public. I think it is offensive, disgusting and especially giving innocent folks nightmares!…

I agree that your husband should add value in more ways than one, but the value he’s adding shouldn’t be measured by his wealth/benefits you get from his chosen profession! Plus, it should be a two way if you’re going to ask a guy “what else do you do” aka “how else can you add value to my life”, you should expect to be asked that same question and be sure have a solid answer!

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