My sister’s boyfriend is the cutest! Couple days back, he approached me with what I thought was a grandiose plan for val’s day. “I’ll get her a Wana Sambo dress”… “oh and flowers, lots and lots of flowers” … “and there must be cupcakes too!”. Being the prudent conservative person I am, I go “you know what, maybe you’re taking this thing a little too seriously”. His response melted my heart: “your sister is worth it”. At this point, I was like ok this dude is serious, so I put on my thinking cap and we were able to come up with the perfect package for their val’s day. Here goes some of the cheap valentines day ideas we came up with.

ReviewNaija’s Guide For The 2017 Valentine’s Season – Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

1) Gift Ideas
Cheap Valentines Day Ideas
Roses from Red Rose Flora Shop

Flowers and cupcakes are always a good idea, especially if your lady is into stuff like that. For flowers, I called around and the most affordable option I found for a dozen of roses cost about #15,000 (Red Rose Flora Shop, 0806-045-9017). If you’re not particular about pricing, check out Jasmine Rose. As for cupcakes, we have a bunch of vendors listed and reviewed here, however, Jayne’s Cravings is the most affordable, offering a dozen cupcakes for #6500. My other half really likes the cupcakes at Goldentee, and they are selling a dozen, and 2 dozen cupcakes for #3500 and #6000 respectively.

Bags from Chrisnegide, less than 15K
Cheap Valentines Day Ideas
Shoe from Best Direct Nation
Clothes, shoes, and bags are also solid gift options. As for clothes, I convinced my sister’s boyfriend to have her tailor make her a dress; this came up to about 10K. For shoes, definitely stop by Buy DIrect Nation in Marina; they’ve got some pretty solid looking shoes at very affordable prices. For bags, Chrisnegide in Marina has some solid affordable offerings. Also checkout Jakar Lagos; they’ve got really cute affordable stuff too!
2) Sunset Boat Cruise

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

I booked the Sea Lounge one hour sunset cruise for my sister and boyfriend; cost #40,000 for up to 4 people on the boat. So if you want a double date type val’s day activity, this would cost #10,000 per person. For a more affordable option, Prest Cruise costs about #12,000 per person inclusive of dinner. Minus dinner, it’s about #8,000. BYOB/food option is available for the Prest Cruise but not the Sea Lounge option.

3) Romantic Homemade Dinner 

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

If you and your babe like to eat, consider a home cooked romantic dinner with candles, wine, etc. If you’re into cooking, she’d appreciate the effort you put in. There’s also the option of getting a chef to cook and serve you guys a 3 course meal but that’d definitely be more expensive (budget about #30,000) than you cooking the food yourself.

4) Netflix & Chill 
Cheap Valentines Day Ideas
Small chops by Pepper Roni

Never fails! Order food/drinks and have a blast! If you’re looking to spice up your night, consider reaching out to Loulou Couples, “a stylish love boutique helping couples keep love and romance alive”. ? Be sure to order your small chops from Pepper Roni (super delicious and super affordable) in Dolphin or check out other small chops vendors here. As for the internet to make Netflix happen, there’s always Swift, Smile or Spectranet.

5) Paint Africa

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

I’ve heard good things about the Paint Africa folks but haven’t checked them out yet. They are hosting a BaeDay PaintNight at 355 on val’s day. My guess is it’d cost about #7,000. Call 0815-322-2369 or 0816-065-6051 for more details.

That’s all for our cheap valentines day ideas! ReviewNaija wishes you all a happy valentine’s filled with love and blessings. For more ideas, check out our 2014 and 2015 guides for the valentine’s season.

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