I was one of the “lucky” few to be selected to check out Circa Prive before its official launch and I had a blast. I didn’t get to pay for the food, however I will be very honest in this post.

About Circa Prive:

Circa is a popular chain of restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria that caters for the upper echelon in the society, I mean the A and upper B class.

In their words; “Circa Privé combines luxury contemporary design across its breathtaking interior with private dining options that promise to deliver an intimate experience.”

My Circa Privé Experience:

The head of PR had reached out via calls and emails and it was slated for 6pm – 8pm. However, I arrived at 7pm because Lekki traffic was MADNESS.

On arrival, some other beautiful bloggers were already punctual and waiting for the rest of us late comers to arrive. Anyways! It officially began at about 7:45pm. We started by meeting up with the PR team of Circa as well as the amazing Chef Barzan! Bloggers also got to introduce ourselves (all 9 of us bloggers! Amazing ladies tbh).


Circa Privé is artistically and aesthetically beautiful! It’s such an intimate space with nude/natural colors and candle lights. The chairs were arranged in sets of twos and fours and there was room for more depending on what was needed.

Everything was almost perfect except for one annoying fly that kept disturbing our peace, perching on food etc . However big ups to the Circa Privé team for sorting things out.


Circa Prive


Although I didn’t pay for the food, we eventually didn’t get to order from the main menu as they had curated a menu specially for us, I still got to look at it. As explained earlier, Circa Privé screams Upper Echelon, so I wasn’t really surprised seeing a 90,000NGN steak on the menu! Starters range from 3,500NGN and above while main meals range from 5,500NGN and above. I however didn’t get to see the Drinks menu.

Food and Drinks:

I initially had this amazing drink (name unknown) however made with cinnamon and gin in this beautiful cup.

Unknown Drink

I also had the Circa Pina Colada and it was deli-ci-ous!

Circa Prive
Pina Colada

For starters, we had a variety of options to taste from! There was the chicken wings (which I liked, but Dami had a couple of undone ones in her stash), calamari, Greek chicken salad, seafood salad with octopus, and a couple of other things! However, I’m such a safe eater so I consciously avoided eating the octopus.

Circa Prive
Seafood Salad
Chicken Wings


Circa Prive
Circa Prive
Chicken Greek Salad
Circa Prive
Prawn in Batter
Circa Prive
Cheese Sticks
Circa Prive
Prawn filled spring rolls

My main meal was Chicken Pollo Alfredo which I took away because I was literally stuffed on starters and cocktails.  However, I made sure I ate a bite or 2 and I really liked it. The sauce was delicious!

Name Unknown

We all had the same desert which was home baked chocolate cake and authentic vanilla ice cream. Now, I usually dislike chocolate cake, but this tasted really good.However, I absolutely loved the ice cream.


I had a swell time at Circa Prive’s pre launch dinner. It was beautiful connecting with amazing women (bloggers) who are at the top of their game in their various fields. The food was delicious, the ambience was intimate.


Will I come here again ? DEFINITELY.

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