On customer service in Nigeria…

So this happened in the Nigerian twitter universe yesterday:

And folks thought this dude was lying! (story for another day). Whether or not he was lying, here’s a valuable message for all Nigerians:

Nigerian businesses aren’t doing you a favor! You are paying for a service.

If a business decides to treat you like a beggar, consider looking for another service provider sharply (and add a review of the prior business so others can be informed). Without your patronage these businesses will not exist, yet we accept mediocrity like we are plucking the money being spent from trees! Please act like someone who is paying not one who is begging to be served.

With our numbers, can you imagine what we can achieve if we all just stopped patronizing badly behaved companies in Nigeria? 

Please let’s start expecting more from businesses operating in Nigeria. Add reviews of businesses today on this site and continue to share your experiences with the hope of enlightening others and driving a culture of continuous improvement among Nigerian businesses.

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    Lets change our buying behavior. #saynotomediocrity

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