Note To Nigerian Companies Providing Poor Customer Service.

Right now it may seem like the customer is no longer king, just because you sell a product or render a service that customers want so desperately. You now treat your customers like dirt and provide poor customer service.

But remember, once upon a time you could not open an ordinary savings account in certain banks if you didn’t have up to N250K, or if you didn’t know someone influential who could plead on your behalf for the bank to accept a lower initial deposit. But today, some of these banks have marketers scattered all over the place looking for people to open account even if it is with ZERO initial deposit.

Remember when one had to be from a very wealthy home to own a sim card? But today, not only do you get a sim card almost free of charge, the telecoms firms are giving out all kinds of awoof promos.

If you can, apply the principle of segmentation to create products or services that can be accessed by customers of different social levels or pay grade. Segmentation may not work for your kind of product or service, but exceptional customer service and treating your customers with respect always works regardless of the service you render or product you sell.

Customer is king, always. It is just a matter of time.

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