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“There are friends. And there are really close friends.

While we don’t want to “compartmentalize” people, the reality is that we all have friends who are there, either as “fair weather” pals, acquaintances, good friends, or as the type of friends who will see you through no matter what.

Did you know that you can say the same thing about your customers? You can have clients who will simply patronize your goods and services on a “one time” deal. Then there are folks who will stand by your brand no matter what. And if you want more of the latter, you can attract such clients by dishing out stellar customer service, with the help of your customer service call center.

No, that’s not a typo—your very own contact center can help you become closer to your clients with good old personalized customer service. When we say “personalized” customer care, we mean treating them like real people with feelings right from the onset.
Answering the phone, email, Tweets, and other correspondences, is a good start. How would you feel if the inbound call center you are trying to reach to inquire about Propane grills won’t pick up? Picking up shows that you don’t want them to get irritated one bit.

Then there’s the simple act of getting their name. Not only is that an easier way for the attending contact center agents to address your clients properly, it can be the start of a lasting relationship. After all, it usually starts with knowing one’s name, right?

But probably one of the best ways your call center service team can show your sincerity in wanting to get closer to customers is by actually attending to, and resolving their concerns. When Mr. Jones calls up the customer service complaints hotline to voice out his rants about his newly purchased Propane Grill that won’t heat up, the best course of action is have a tech support call center team come over and look for the problem. If it needs to be replaced, then so be it.

In the end, it should always be about your customer care efforts being geared towards becoming closer to clients. Then can you say that you have clients for life.”

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