I’ve never been so excited to leave Nigeria. As the day for me to leave grew closer, I was just too happy. Exhausted and overwhelmed, nonetheless happy. While in the queue to board the plane, the freaking ceiling all around the boarding area was leaking…at Murtala Muhammed Airport. The only INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Lagos! Shame nor dey catch us Nigerians? Sha, even this disgraceful occurrence couldn’t stop my joy. I EARNED THIS BREAK AND NOTHINGGGG, not even the embarrassing leaking ceiling, will ruin it!


On the plane I was thinking about all the AWESOME stuff I want to do in America…especially at night! Because the security wahala in Naij has greatly hindered my night parolz, and I’m quite the night owl. Then, I started thinking about why I’m so excited to be leaving Nigeria, especially considering that I’m actually traveling for business…And that’s how this post came about.

Here’s why I’m really excited to leave Nigeria:

1. My Boo

For those who don’t already know, my boyfriend lives in the States. He has been super supportive about ReviewNaija, even though being apart has been tough on us. I’m excited to be reuniting with him shortly (like in about 12 hours, 35 mins, and 49 seconds…but who’s counting?)

2. Sanity!!

Mehnn Naija was turning me into a crazy and emotionless lady (click here to read my 10 worst things about moving back to Nigeria). On the roads, I won’t even allow folks to make a u-turn in peace! Beggars on the streets became invisible to me, and I legit started believing that we Nigerians deserve to continue suffering. I’m just excited to be going back to “civilization”, not honking all the bloody time, and being more empathetic towards my fellow humans. #weareone

3. Health Care 

I got some really crazy foot infection when I returned from Kogi state. It’s been pretty awful and I’ve been limping for about a week now. We’ve probably got podiatrists in Naija…but I was neither comfy with visiting one without recommendations nor self medicating. Excited to be able to see a doctor who knows that there will be serious consequences if he messes up my diagnoses and I lose a foot!

4. Road Tripping

I’m not even a road trip kinda gal, but I was hoping to visit a couple of states in Naij via road and find some awesome places for y’all to checkout (not every time Lagos). With the increased kidnappings and deaths on the roads, I’ve jejely cancelled that dream. I’m excited to be going somewhere that road tripping isn’t such a headache. Will definitely be road tripping somewhere (New Orleans maybe?) by fire by force!

5. Chick-Fil-A!

Our dessert game in Lagos is weak! You can’t just roll out of bed and visit the closest pastry shop to grab a slice of cake (I tried it and was basically served foam…read about my experience here). I’m so excited for my fav milkshake in the whole wide world; the cookies and cream shake from Chick-Fil-A, and other amazing desserts America has to offer.

6. Pandora

Still doesn’t work in Nigeria! Now that I think about it, there’s a way to mask your IP so it’s like you’re in America and can access these types of things? Anyway, too late. I’m 100% glued to Spotify but I’ve got some really dope stations from college on Pandora. Pretty excited to be able to blast all that music while road tripping and actually enjoying driving!

7. Driving with My Car Roof Open & Blasting Music

I tried this like twice in Lagos and got some really interesting stares. Plus with the security wahala, I was just like “abeg this is unnecessary attention”. Excited to be able to do this shortly without fear of being targeted for looking happy and comfortable.

8. Constant Electricity

Self explanatory. As a side note, I recently realized most businesses in Lagos close early because businesses have to provide their own electricity. ??????

9. Restock

I’m all for #buynigerian but at times convenience is important. For example, I ordered a lot of the things in my room from Amazon and got family and friends to bring them for me as they were visiting for the holidays. Within a week, got all my stuff. Whereas, I ordered wan item from Jumia and this thing took about a month to get to me! (In Jumia’s defense, they did say it may take that long). Excited to be able to find stuff I like online, make my purchase, and get my stuff delivered within 2 days! I even created a list of all the stuff I want…#cantwait!

10. Freshen Up!

I’ve gone like 3 shades darker since I’ve been in Naij. I’m not even mad about that. Plus, I started getting zits again. It’s probably just a change of weather thing (especially considering the kind of air pollution and congestion in Lagos), but I’m excited to freshen up a bit!

Final Thoughts

As I’m typing this, I’m just thinking about how funny this life is. Americans are (rightfully) complaining bitterly about Trump and the state of their country. While I’m here rejoicing about leaving Nigeria to America!

Regardless, I still LOVE and rep Nigeria ??????. But I have come to realize that to survive in it, I will always need an escape from time to time. Super grateful to God and my parents for the ability to escape.

America here I come!!

*Composed on the plane from Lagos to Amsterdam while listening to my *all American* playlist!* ?? ?? ??

*Published at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport because #freewifi!*

Would love to hear from y’all. Are you also excited when you have to leave the country, even to Ghana? What excites you the most about leaving Nigeria? Use the comments box below to share your thoughts!

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    lol I feel exactly the same way. The craze in this Nigeria is too much. It clogs your mind even as a business owner you. You get the worry about the little things taking away from the big picture.

    The solution like you said is to get away every now and then even if it’s to another state in Nigeria.

  2. Avatar

    lol this post has a lot of my feelings from whenever I leave Nigeria for a developed country! I wish you an enjoyable trip and I hope you get to do everything on your list 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Haha. I hope I get the opportunity to take a break soon. Please FX rates let me be great again!! Have fun!!

  4. Avatar

    Lol! Great list and I don’t blame you at all. Everyone I know in Naija is always keen to escape even if it’s for a few weeks. I’m Talking about folks who live very well o- in gated estates on the Island, a full complement of staff etc.
    Enjoy your break jare:-)

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