• What is ReviewNaija?

    ReviewNaija is a vibrant community of informed & independent reviewers who share their insights on cool places to eat, drink, shop, relax, play etc, so that other’s can also share their experiences. ReviewNaija is the fun & easy way to find, review and discuss what’s fab- or not so fab – in Naija.

  • How do I send a review?

    Simply send a Review by clicking here. You’d be prompted to login, and can do so by creating an account with us or using your social media accounts.

  • Will my review be edited?

    In order to ensure reviews are accurate, coherent and easy to read, we may reach out to reviewers and make some edits based on the responses we receive. Please note that we will not post any updated review that isn’t a true depiction of the original. Subsequent comments on each post will not be edited.

  • What kinds of reviews can I send in?

    Pretty much reviews of any local business, service or place with a physical presence – e.g. plumbers, shops, bars, salons, clubs, mechanics, hair-braiders, tailors, restaurants, etc. We’d like to hear about all experiences on the customer service spectrum; good, bad, just-there, UGLY, etc. However, include all relevant facts and details and avoid exaggerated stories.

  • What if I don’t agree with a review I read?

    Say something by dropping a comment and rating the business! The more comments and ratings we get, the easier it is to validate a review.

  • What’s the Blog section about?

    The Blog section is where we share information that we think is relevant to our audience. For now, we focus on two things; Promos and Motivating Article’s from our in-house staff & viewers. Promos capture deals that our viewers can benefit from including sales and discounts being offered. This section will be updated as we get information. Anyone can send in promos to be posted, however, the promo must be verified to ensure our viewers are not disappointed by false advertising.

  • How did my business end up on ReviewNaija?

    Your organization is currently listed on ReviewNaija because someone thought their experience was worth sharing/writing a review for. *yay you* (or maybe not). We carry out some research and also get business information from our users. Please feel free to let us know if our information is out of date!

  • Can you list my business on ReviewNaija?

    At this time, we do not list businesses unless a review is sent in by a customer (with some sort of proof that they are not employed by the business being reviewed and not being paid to write a review). This might change in the near future.

  • Are there Review Guidelines?

    Personal experience: We want to hear your firsthand experience, not what your neighbor said. Try to tell your own story in as much detail as possible. While writing your review, think: will this information assist someone else in making an informed decision?
    Accuracy: Ensure your review is based on facts. Share your story (good or bad) but don’t exaggerate your experience
    Review updates: Minor review updates can be made using the comments box below each review. However, if you really want to change the main review, send an e-mail to reviewnaija@gmail.com containing your edits. Note that review updates should reflect a new experience, not what was told already.

  • Is there a Content Policy?

    Glad you asked. Your Review should not include any of the following:
    – Pornographic content or content that insights, insinuates, instigates or illustrates (whether implicit or explicit) ideas of a sexual nature
    – Graphic material that may be offensive to the general viewership of ReviewNaija
    – Racial slurs or slanders that may be abusive to other users.