I decided to take my mum to watch Isoken The Movie today. Wanted to confirm timing so I called the Filmhouse Imax Lekki number listed on ReviewNaija. The number was switched off so I decided to call the number listed on google. As a side note, I always check the ReviewNaija business info first because no one can change it and we try our best to make sure it’s accurate.

I called the number listed on google (0906-668-8966) but the guy who answered the phone sounded off. I asked for the movie times. He responded “1pm, 4pm, 6pm”. Then, he said people had been calling all day to book tickets. I joked that the Isoken Movie will be a hit, I can imagine. He didn’t get the joke.

At this point I wasn’t suspicious. I confirmed timing with my mum and we agreed for 4pm. Called the guy back and asked how to make payment. He said I should send my name and he’d send me details. Couple minutes later he called back and sounded anxious. That he hasn’t gotten my text. I was like “mmm this staff is following-up too quickly”. I’d asked him the name on the account I’d be paying into and he said “Fidelity”. I noticed he didn’t give me the actual account name, but instead he provided the name of the bank.

Once he sent me the account detail, I saw it was a personal account. He even added “Sales Rep” before his name, Obende Steven! And provided Fidelity account number 6551990385. I asked how much. Fam! This guy told me 6k for 2 movie tickets!! Then added “3D Tv” after the 6k price. I haven’t bought a movie ticket in ages but 6k sounded a bit on the high side.

Luckily, the folks at Green Grill House had made us aware that scammers were scamming people using this method so I immediately knew this guy was scamming! I quickly told my mum about the guy and drove off to Filmhouse IMAX (I happened to be in the area).

On my way, Steven called and said he hasn’t gotten payment that he’s busy and has other customers he’s attending to. Shooooo! I told him that I just want to confirm whether the 6k is for 2 tickets or 1 ticket. He said it’s for 2. I said “ok, paying now”. I’d already entered imax Lekki! That’s how the reps there confirmed that they are aware of the situation! And a lady had just been scammed and she’d just come in to complain.

I asked to speak with a manager. The Filmhouse IMAX reps said the manager is already aware. I insisted, then they checked and told me he wasn’t “on seat”. I hadn’t confronted the thief yet but was open to collaborating with Filmhouse IMAX folks but since the manager wasn’t “on seat” I left and sent the thief a message.

If you ask me, @fidelitybankplc should investigate and CLOSE THIS GUYS ACCOUNT ASAP!!! @FilmhouseCinema and @FilmhouseIMAX should be more diligent in 1). Making customers aware and 2). Handling these kinds of issues with priority.

I forgot to mention that I also called the Filmhouse IMAX numbers on their website and instagram page but all numbers were switched off. I even left a comment on their instagram page while I was trying to confirm whether the guy was truly a scammer.

Thankfully my story ended well and I got to pay 1000 naira to watch the movie! Stay safe #rnfambam!

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    You could have checked nairabox its pretty easy to get cinema tickets for any cinema in Nigeria. And you don’t have to worry about been scammed i think they are the legal 3rd Party for all the cinemas in Nigeria. I buy from them.

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