Puff Puff in Lekki 2

**This is a featured post which was first published June 1, 2015 on livinginlekki.** 

Happy New month (Mid-year rolling)

I am really excited about the new month and sad that we are half way through the year already. This month marks the beginning of new innovations coming up on LiL and I can’t wait to share with you guys. Anyways, this week’s Food Monday is pretty cool and is really making me grin.

I had the long weekend to scout for the best food experience to share with you today. My Food Monday is dedicated to the newspaper puff puff and leaf moi moi I had in lekki this weekend. As a Lagos child, forget all the english I speak here, I still love me some nice street food (just re-imagine everything you grew up eating in Lagos). If you have not had any of those you have definitely have not lived well in Lagos, I kid you not

So my cravings for street food started some weeks ago and for reasons I can’t explain I just kept shying away from going out to get them. But, this weekend I was like ‘I really have to bail myself out’. I did not want to go too far to any market, then I remembered the mart by the waterside that sold your equivalent of Ghana High and market chops (Puff puff, dun dun, fried chicken and all them things). I drove there one hot afternoon this weekend and treated myself to the hottest yummy puff puff (Straight from the pan) and moi moi inside the leaf. This experience beats any other food experience I had last week, I was so happy to have satisfied this craving.

Puff puff in Lekki 1


PuffPuff Puff in Lekki 2

Puff puff in Lekki 3moi moi in lekkimoi moi in lekki 5moi moi in lekki 2

What I Had & Where 

Puff Puff N10 for one

Moi-moi N150 for one


Owambe Mart – Wole Olateju crescent Lekki Phase 1. (Use this map to get direct location)

PS: I went back for the moi moi twice (yesterday).

Share your weekend food experience with me in the comment section below.


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    Great post….i love puff puff, looking forward to this. 🙂

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    That puff puff looks so delicious! I don’t know why but I can’t bring myself to eat moin moin unless I was there when it was made

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