Hot! Greasy! Cheesy! Tasty! And Filling! These are the words that come to mind once I think of dude food. In my case, the cheeseburger is the ultimate dude food. I love everything a cheeseburger stands for. A minority of the people who read this post might say ‘it’s unhealthy bla bla  bla….’ but oh well,  its my prerogative and I’m sticking to it…after all, I work out 3 times a week. Winks

Anyway, back to what I really want to share with you guys. But, first, here is a little back story. I moved back from the UK August 2013 and I must say finding that perfect cheeseburger was never difficult during the past 7 years of my life. I could literally walk into any pub in the UK, order a cheeseburger and be almost guaranteed 100% satisfaction.  But since I got back, living in Nigeria, I can categorically (hehe…) tell you that finding the perfect cheeseburger in Lagos is not as easy as one would imagine.

Soooo, I embarked on a solo hunt within Lagos to find one place I could at least brag about when the conversation of the best cheeseburger ever came up. So below are my findings…

Mozaya Classic Burger – Situated in Ikeja City Mall and came highly recommended by an acquaintance I met during my short stint (2days) in the NYSC boot camp. (See here for Mozaya contact info as well as rate the business).

moazaya3 mozaya1

To begin with, I was drawn to the chef making the cheeseburger…we didn’t particularly speak but watching him whip out his gadgets…slicing up ingredients and making the burgers on the spot made me salivate even more.

I opted for the Mozaya Classic Burger, which cost N850, but with a meal deal, it’s N1550. I was quite unsure about the price but once my receipt came through I noticed the burger was actually N1000. I approached the lady who tended to me, explained to her that the display menu in front of the restaurant read N850 and not N1000. She fidgeted and said the display was old and they were about to change it. I felt conned because I already ordered and requesting for my money back defeated the purpose of my visit. So I decided to let it slide and wait for my meal.

Now the burger took 25mins to prepare…a pretty long time if you ask me. I opened it up slowly and immediately loved the aroma oozing from my burger…rubbed my palms together, grabbed the burger and took a huge bite, YUM!  I was quite impressed… until the “mozaya” sauce melted in my mouth and immediately ruined the impressive taste I was experiencing. In addition, I didn’t like how raw-looking the onions were in my burger. I’m guessing it’s a quality control issue and can be easily rectified. Oh well, I got past the mozaya sauce thing and decided to munch on regardless…boy was I in heaven. Just the taste of cheese, beef and fresh buns was amazing.

My Final thoughts on Mozaya Classic Burger; Very tasty, not filling, too pricey and of course opt to remove the mozaya sauce and request for the traditional burger sauce if you want to enjoy this dude food thoroughly.

Rating – 4/5. I’d go again but only this time I know better.

Steers  Real Burger – Also situated in Ikeja city mall and has been around in Lagos for over 10 years. So whilst patronizing Mozaya, I looked across and there was steers burger restaurant. I smiled and said to myself, the Lord must know I’m serious with this hunt for my perfect dude food. (See here for Steers  Real Burger contact info as well as rate the business).




So the following day, I decided to pay steers a visit…and yessss, did I make the right decision. Phew, where do I start…the bun was fresh, beef well done, generous amount of cheese; for N1200 I got a cheeseburger meal (Cheaper than the Mozaya), jalapenos and no onions; Just borderline perfect for me. Well, I was happy with the burger at steers but I must warn, if you leave your food/drink unattended to, for even 3seconds, the staff will assume you are done and clear out the space. Happened to me and when I complained, I wasn’t offered a replacement but the dreaded ‘sorry’ you get from Nigerians.

My final thoughts – great burger, loved it, reasonable price and a tad filling.

My rating – 4/5 – will definitely be visiting again and soon might I add.

And finally the HIGHLY recommended 3 Cousins and a Crook BBQ – 3 cousins and a crook bbq is that place you keep hearing amongst friends, peers and acquaintances. I never paid much attention until I decided to write this post about my love for dude food.  This Joint is located at lekki Phase 1, off admiralty road. Quite a distance from where I stay but made the trip anyway to find out what all the fuss was about. (See here for 3 Cousins and a Crook BBQ contact info as well as rate the business).


I walked into 3 cousins and immediately wasn’t impressed by the ambiance. It’s on outdoor joint with benches and tables stuck in sand. Usually I’ll go back to my car after such an unappealing start…but I soldiered on. Once I got in, requested for their menu, I was immediately drawn to the crook fully loaded burger option. Cost N2500 (with one side order of your choice); I was told to wait 12mins but ended up waiting for 20mins. When the food arrived, I wasn’t particularly chuffed about the side order (fries) I got. But the crooked fully loaded? Lordy lord…was it amazing. It wasn’t the traditional cheeseburger I have been on the hunt for, but this crooked fully loaded, is a perfect replacement for my favorite dude food. The content of this burger was so good…it had eggs, sausage, cheese, lettuce, beef, and some special burger sauce. Just yummy! Left me wanting more after I was done. I will join the bandwagon and recommend this place highly. It’s a MUST visit for any burger enthusiast like myself.

It’s a solid 5/5 from me and will most definitely be going there this weekend but this time with a few special friends.

My final thought: PERFECT!

Well guys, this is where I stop writing. I love food as you can tell, but good dude food is great to indulge in once in a while even though it’s quite rare and expensive in this part of the world.

Until next time, Adios!

P.S I did visit KFC, Chicken republic and the very famous Mr Biggs, tried their burgers and I’m still mad at myself for paying for their offerings..

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