Hello All!

I was talking to a family member who had been on a Dana Aircraft with faulty seat belts a few months back and I thought to myself that there isn’t really an independent site dedicated to reviewing organizations in Naija. If people were aware that Dana had a history of knowingly compromising customer’s lives to make profits, some of them might not have been on the ill-fated Dana plane.
So I decided to create https://www.reviewnaija.com/ so that we, as a community, can discuss and rate companies in different industries in Nigeria based mainly on quality of products and customer service. I think its time we start rewarding companies in Nigeria that take customers into consideration! And exposing those companies that only want to extort our hard-earned money while offering subpar services!!

I can’t do this alone and will need everyone’s help! I will start by putting up reviews of a couple of places I’ve been/am personally interested in hearing about. If there is any organization you would like for people to rate/comment on or that you personally would love to recommend or expose, then send an e-mail to reviewnaija@gmail.com and I will gladly put up the company for review.

My hope is that, eventually, this blog will make people aware of what companies in Nigeria have to offer while helping them make various decisions (where to eat, bank, start/continue one’s career, airlines to fly, etc). I believe that we can make this blog work and be a resource for members of our community.

Thanks in advance for your support as we move towards making Nigeria great!


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