Tyler Fray a.k.a Toba Falode (1995-2014)

I, like other A’Hall folks, have taken this story very personal. I’d been hearing about all the shenanigans going on with Nigerians in other parts of the world and how we are being mistreated. I’d also read about a couple of deaths in Malaysia and the Middle East, but Tyler’s story hit home and was too close for comfort.

Popular Nigerian TV Sports Broadcaster, Aisha Falode is suspecting that her only son, Tyler (also known as Toba) was murdered by an Arab boy, pushed down from balcony of his apartment on 17th floor of the high building. She said the Dubai Police is working to cover up the crime. In an interview with SaharaTV, Ms. Aisha also accused the Nigerian Embassy of lethargy about protection of lives of Nigerians living or schooling abroad.” – Video summary from SaharaReporters on YouTube

I just wanted to make sure that the world gets to see Aisha’s interview and we create some kind of common awareness about these kinds of occurrences. My hope in posting this video is that Nigerian parents are fully aware before shipping off their kids abroad for school..not just in the Middle East but any where else.

For more information, please check out the Justice for Tyler movement on FB. Click here... #justicefortylerfray
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