You’re in Lagos for the holidays and probably wondering what’s new/going on around town. Being that I’m spending the holidays outside of Nigeria this year, I’ve had some time to reflect on what makes Lagos the spot this time of year. For me, it comes down to being around/spending time with family, friends, meeting new people and chopping good food (high emphasis placed on good food)! Plus, just the joy of being home and surrounded by fellow Nigerians…brings happiness to my heart.

As you’ve already gathered, I’m not home this year. However, I put out a feeler for what to do in Lagos this holiday season…call it my way of dealing with this nostalgia/holiday present to you all. You’re welcome. Now, let’s begin!

I love music, dancing, people and on occasion, 1 or 2 drinks here and there. Suffice to say, I do enjoy hanging out. In addition to house parties/gatherings, here are a few clubs I hear are good to visit this holiday season.


Doll House, former Deuces: This establishment is apparently under new Management, and I hear it should be a hit this season. Location: Chase Mall, No. 19, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island. Lagos. Nigeria

355, former Washroom: This establishment is owned by Tola Awosika and Deremi Sijiwade, an A-hall alum *woop woop*. I hear this is a spot to check out as well. Location: 9A Oko Awo Road, Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria

Marquee at Mega Plaza: I used to love Marquee so much! I haven’t been in a while, but I hear this establishment has been remodeled and rebranded, and is worth checking out. Location: 14 Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria

Prive: I’d heard about Prive the last time I was home few months back, so I don’t think it’s all that new. Regardless, I hear it’s a good spot as well. Location: No 5b Karimu Kotun street Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria

Spice Route: This one’s probably on the list because Nigerians like new things! But aye, sources recommended it. Location: 44A, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, lagos. Nigeria.

I haven’t heard too much of Rhapsody’s but last I visited, my friends and I had a swell time.

Important Note: I haven’t confirmed this (and probably will not as this news doesn’t surprise me one bit), but I heard people were being gassed outside of Likwid and tasers were being used on folks outside of Sip. Please be careful! Clubbing should not be a do or die affair. There’s more to life so please club wisely. #reviewnaijatip

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In addition to hanging out, I also LOVE good food! When in Naija, I typically enjoy Mum’s cooking, however I like to try out new restaurants from time to time.


Milano Restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel: I hear this place serves delicious Italian food, albeit expensive. Location:  52, Kofo Abayomi Road, Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria

Primi Piatti: This spot is it! The food is delicious and it’s rarely ever crowded. I’d highly recommend the food at this restaurant. Read my Primi experience here.

Also, checkout here for other RN restaurant reviews.


Lagos Countdown: Lagos Countdown is organized by the Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency (LASAA) on behalf of Lagos State Government. Basically, they run events from early December through 1st of January. The countdown into the new year will take place at Bar Beach, VI, and promises to be filled with fun! I heard last year’s was a lot of fun too. See here for more info

Beach Parties: If you’re looking to have some fun around the beach, then Elegushi might be for you. I’ve heard you’ve got to go with your own crowd to enjoy this place, but most of the stories are good. Be sure to stay away from the water and be careful while driving to and from here aka DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Ilashe beach is also good “if you got it like that”, as one of my sources said. This is a private beach that requires a boat ride to get there. Locations: Elegushi – Lekki Express Road, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria; Ilashe –  Ilashe Island, Ilashe, Eti Osa, Lagos, Nigeria

Fitness Boot Camp: If you’re more on the health conscious side, this might be for you! Join Ada Agbim for a fitness revolution! A one-hour, fun AND intense workout at Bodyline Fitness & Gym. Only 1 more session left: SATURDAY 28.12 – 12:00pm. N 2,500 per session; N 9,000 for 4. Gym members pay only  N1,500 per session. Ada also offers personal training sessions. See here for more info. Location: No. 6 Bank Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Nigeria One of my sources recommended this site as a “good guide” to learn about events going on. If you’re more into exploring the arts and co, this one’s for you! I’ve checked it out myself and it’s a pretty good resource to figure out events going on all over Nigeria 😉

Now there’s more to Naija than just clubs, food, and events! I know a couple of other activities will be available here and there. Here are the top 3 things I’d recommend…

One of my fav Ofili Sketch

Ofilispeaks Patabah Book Signing: I’m sure you all know Ofili. If you don’t, you must live on another planet click here! On January 4th, 2014, Ofili will be reading from and signing his latest book, How Intelligence Kills, at the Patabah Bookstore in the Shoprite at Surulere. See here for more info

New Year’s Soup Kitchen 2014: My younger sister and her friends plan to put smiles on the faces of over 200 less privileged children, women, men and elderly in the beginning of 2014!! On January 3rd 2014, they’ll be feeding the less privileged on the streets of Obalende, Lagos, Nigeria. Visit here for more info and feel free to support/volunteer/or just stop by!

First Cut Nollywood Movie: I’ve been hearing a lot about this movie and can’t wait to see it! First Cut is a Nollywood film centered around Rape, a treacherous love triangle, conflicting family ties and loads of Fashion. The film is produced by Nollywood’s newbie Lisa Henry Omorodion (Ahall alum *woop woop*), directed by award-winning director, Chico Ejiro, with a stellar cast of Monalisa Chinda, Joseph Benjamin, Emmanuel Mensah, Bobby Obodo & Lisa Henry Omorodion. Premieres on 29th of December 2013 & Out in cinemas Jan 2014.

And there goes my list of recommendations! Feel free to share your thoughts on this list (and other suggestions) using the comments box below.

Happy holidays once more! And PS – Don’t feel too bad for me. I’m currently in Bermuda and it’s very beautiful, with breathtaking views. 🙂

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    Great list considering I’ve been thinking about what to do this holiday! Will definitely check out one or two events/restaurants. Thanks RN!

    As for Spice route, friend’s hen night was there a few weeks ago and the DJ was Indian and super crappy! Had to run away after we finished our drinks cause we’d gotten a table. Not sure I’d be going there again! However, I heard ABE held there on Christmas day and it was good so obviously was a different DJ.

  2. Avatar

    Can’t wait for Ofili Book reading and Signing. He has been a GREAT Guy. And for the Movie First Cut, its not Cinema worthy. This Movie won’t drive crowd to the Cinemas maybe just friends and Family of the Producer.( My Opinion)

    1. Efe G

      Yeah, Ofili’s pretty amazing! RE: First Cut, curious to know specifics as to why you think the movie isn’t Cinema worthy…

  3. Avatar

    Feed the people of obalende ??? Your younger sister ? She is not doing a good job with publicity sha . Saw it on SandraGee’s Pm .

    1. Efe G

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m sure the New Year Soup Kitchen Team will be willing to listen if you’ve got ideas to help out, Anonymous. Feel free to reach out to them 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Yaaay . Finally . Something to do this holiday . I tried out primi piatti some days back , it was beautiful . I should go to Sip sometime or Marquee . Oh well . Thanks RN .

    1. Efe G

      Yay! Glad you liked Primi. Really delicious food. I had the BEST SALAD EVER (well one of the best I’ve ever had) over there. Was quite pricy but well worth it 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Yes . I saw the New Year Soup Kitchen ad on SandraGee’s pm . Found it difficult to donate tho . Anyways , I’m going to Likwid in a bit . Its Friday Nightttt !!!

    1. Efe G

      Aww! I think the New Year Soup Kitchen team members are all in Lagos now so they’d coordinate to collect funds and well as spread the word and all. If you’d like to volunteer let me know and I’d put you directly in contact with them. Thanks Somina! 🙂

  6. Avatar

    Trying out Prive soon . Heard its an awesome place . Likwid tho . Overrated . I totally hate that place . Only birthday parties there .

    1. Efe G

      I completely agree, Likwid is overrated!!! On another note, I’m happy for them that they’ve lasted this long…

  7. Avatar

    Ofili is not that awesome abeg…fake guy…only common book. Abegi!

    Ofili’s paid hater.

    1. Efe G

      Please Ofili’s paid hater, how much do you get paid? Your job seems pretty interesting…hit me up if y’all are hiring 😉

  8. Avatar

    Been down with the flu all thru the holiday so i haven’t really been anywhere but I’ll definitely go to Lekki Leisure Lake. Its on the street that has The elevation church and also Ofili’s signing.

    1. Efe G

      awww Meme pele! wishing you speedy recovery!

      I haven’t been to Leisure Lake but I’ve heard good things!

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