Nigerians have suffered in the hands of service providers in this country. From tailors who charge up to 60K per dress and don’t deliver (JBLiving) to companies like Carlcare and Tecno that ignore their customer’s pleas, service providers in Nigeria have a long way to go. The recent Dave Sucre debacle has also highlighted this fact, and we thought it’d be a good idea to share some lessons learnt from Dave’s mishaps. In case you missed it, here’s a link to the story of how Makeup Artist Dave Sucre almost ruined a bride’s wedding day by pretending to be in the hospital while he was in Ghana doing someone else’s makeup! Now let’s dive into the valuable takeaways all business owners and employees should bear in mind.

Lessons Learnt from Makeup Artist Dave Sucre

Lesson #1: All Customers Matter!

Mr. Sucre pretty much left his bridal client stranded for another customer who happens to be a Governor’s daughter as he probably felt the latter client was more “important”. Unfortunately for him, his bridal client wasn’t going to give up that easily. She made sure to share her awful ordeal with him and is actively pursuing the case. If Dave had known that his actions would have led to all of this, he’d have probably behaved differently. As a business providing services, you NEVER KNOW who you’re really dealing with. Set a professional service standard and ensure every client receives the set standard at minimum to avoid this kind of mess. #dontbelikedave

Lesson #2: Don’t Lie. It Tarnishes Your Brand! 

It’s one thing if Dave were really in a hospital bed and genuinely ill. If that were truly the case, I don’t think anybody would have been so unreasonable as to blame the guy for falling ill. But that was farrrr from the truth. Dave and his team lied! In fact, Dave asked to be paid in full to ensure he’d show up to the white wedding knowing fully well that he was going to be in Ghana doing someone else’s makeup! That’s what makes this story so ridiculous. Dear Nigerian businesses, don’t tell these kinds of lies to your customers! Lies like this tarnish your brand in a major way. #dontbelikedave

Lesson #3: Apologize and Make Amends!

Would you believe that Dave Sucre actually tried to avoid taking responsibility for his actions?

Dave Sucre - ReviewNaija

Had Dave actually apologized and refunded the bride’s money, the case may not have gotten this far. Dear Nigerian businesses, once you screw up, own it! In fact, don’t wait to be caught. Apologize and rectify the issue as much as you can. Never ever blame the client in this kind of situation. #dontbelikedave

Lesson #4: Nigerians, Your Opinion Matters! 

One of the biggest lessons we’ve learnt from all this is that YOUR OPINION MATTERS no matter who you are. You are a paying customer and if you’re not happy with the service you’ve received you should be heard out by the business. Dave actually blocked the bride when she first tried to get his attention. Unfortunately for him, she reported the case on our review platform and we were able to share her story with our community. Now thousands (or possibly even millions) of people have come to hear about Dave’s shady ways. Dear Nigerian businesses, enough is enough. People are starting to speak up against bad and mediocre service providers. This is the time to get your act right and treat customers like customers! #dontbelikedave

That’s all folks. Hope this article helps a business out there. Be sure to share with your network.

PS – Don’t be like Makeup Artist Dave Sucre!

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    The apology is so disingenuous e. No explanation whatsoever.

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    No words, none what so ever. Classism that is supposed to help you is destroying the business. *rolls eyes*

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