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There’s always one story or another whenever I fly through MMIA. I’m sure you guys have your stories as well! Biko, Don Allah, Se il vous plait, Ejo, Please send them in so we can continue to share these stories and recommend common sense innovative solutions to these issues we face.

Just the other day I flew Ethiopian Airlines from the US to Naija (steer clear of this airline! Read my experience here) and had to use the restroom at MMIA. As a side note, there’s a really nice Heineken bar at the departure gates that I’d highly recommend (pricey  but very nice environment).

I’d walked into the restroom and once in the toilet stall realized there was no toilet paper. So I got out and saw a roll of tissue, grabbed it, and went back into the stall.

Not up to 30 seconds later, someone was banging on my stall door:

“Give me the tissue. There’s someone in the male toilet that needs it”.

I quickly realized it was the cleaner.

“Cut the one you need and give it back to me”.


I responded for her to give me a second and she replied:

“Please hurry up”.

As I opened up the door to give her the roll I heard a voice from the stall next to mine:

“Please oh me too I need tissue”.

The cleaner had already walked off so the poor lady to my right just waited in her stall. I had some leftover toilet paper so I passed it on to her and proceeded to board my flight.

I arrived at my gate and had to surrender my hand luggage for manual search. Fine with me, but what do I see to my right? Filth!

photo 2 photo 1 photo 4 photo 3

Couple of things with this experience:

1) It’s quite unclear to me why the male and female restrooms are sharing one roll of tissue. Can we not afford to have, at minimum, one roll per restroom? That won’t even be an ideal arrangement. Plus, the one roll that was being shared between the male and female restrooms wasn’t even quality toilet paper!

If I recall correctly, there are about 4 stalls or so in the female restroom. What would it take to have one roll in each stall?

Again, I’m not really sure what the challenge is, but I’m going to go ahead and propose a couple of innovative common sense options to deal with this ridiculousness:

Option 1

No need to get fancy. Just place 1 toilet paper in each stall. Only issue with this is there’s the likelihood a whole roll might end up in the toilet and then go to waste. But there’s option 2 to solve this issue!

Place roll in a fixture


Option 2

Get a little fancy and add some kind of toilet paper holder to discourage people from taking the roll out. Couple of options include:

photo (1)
Simple solution – Toilet stall in Dulles Airport


Additional  security! In fact consider putting a cage over this so no one can ever take the tissue. 🙂


2) But how difficult can it be to place bins in strategic areas throughout the airport? Especially in areas where there’s a high likelihood of litter (e.g. security check stops, boarding gates, etc.) .This one really is a no-brainer; simple solution is below:

I should also mention that enforcing the use of the bins might be a challenge, but I think the first step is to make sure the bins are actually in place! This goes without saying but all this filth in an international airport is very unnecessary.

As a side note – knowing Naija, I’m sure this is the kind of bin we’d end up having in our international airport. Shebi they say half a loaf…



  1. SandraGee_

    Biko sound it. I’m tired of MMA . Every public toilet situation is the same in my opinion. My question is, who will we report to ??

  2. Avatar

    But that’s how it’s done in Nigeria, you should know by now. I truly can’t understand how we don’t know how to put our best foot forward. And it’s not like it’s impossible because the private restrooms in MMA are very well kept. Smh!

  3. Avatar

    MMA – there are just not enough words to express how I feel about this airport. One word to describe it is STRUGGLE. A whole international airport. Only God can save us

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