Let me guess. You visited Naij this past Christmas and had a blast so you think you want to move back to Nigeria? Or, you saw all your friends snaps and felt major FOMO. Now you’re thinking “mmm, should I move back to Nigeria?”

Naij definitely has its ups and downs. Here are my 10 worst things about moving back to Nigeria…

My 10 Worst Things About Moving Back To Nigeria!

1. Dealing with Mediocrity

move back to Nigeria


I know we can’t all be beyonce but we accept and even welcome mediocrity in Nigeria. If you’re someone who is used to striving for excellence or you’re all about continuous improvement, then you may find Naij to be super frustrating.

2. Nigerians Don’t Ask Questions

I hate to generalize but I’m finding that Nigerians don’t like to ask questions. The other day someone on Instagram actually suggested that someone else should just “follow instructions” when given (see here for details). If you’re not sure of something, what’s wrong with asking to confirm?

3. Driving

move back to Nigeria

Mehn, it’s like everyone on the road is a mad man or woman. The concept of “right of way” does not exist here oh! I always appreciate folks who drive as a profession in Nigeria because that ish is not easy!

4. Living in Bubbles

move back to Nigeria

If you live in certain areas (e.g. Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos), you’re living in a mighty bubble with your cafes, laundromats, cinemas and good internet to watch salt bae! Make the mistake to visit get posted to somewhere like Asaya in Kogi state and you’d start to question whether you’re still in the same country!

5. Security

move back to Nigeria

This one is a no brainer. Unfortunately, you’re not fighting off any robbers like in the gif above. Just as recently as Dec 2016, a friend of mine got robbed. Yup, armed robbers went into his family house and they stole everything they could. Luckily, no one was hurt. Will these robbers be found? Very unlikely.

6. Minimal Late Night Activities

move back to Nigeria

I’m that person that’d sit at home all day, shower at 6pm and start heading to the mall by 7:00pm. Then, I’d grab groceries by 10pm, and hit the gym or chick-fil-a or dunkin by 11:30pm. Well, this lifestyle is not sustainable in Lagos. And then, with the security wahala, who really wants to be leaving their house to look for donuts and milkshakes at 11pm? Yeah, good luck with that!

7. POS Not Working

move back to Nigeria

Over the years I’ve gotten used to not carrying cash around. Why? Because if I have it, I spend it. In Naija, you must have cash! Just 2 days ago, I happened to be in the VI area and decided to checkout a highly recommended shawarma spot for an upcoming ReviewNaija post (stay tuned). Ordered the shawarma (cost N1400) and tried to pay with my debit card but no success. Went to a nearby ATM to grab cash and no success. Some good samaritan even offered to pay for me, but guess what? NO SUCCESS!


move back to Nigeria

If you move back to Nigeria, you’re “supposed” to knock out NYSC before getting a job. I’ve read folks experiences at Delta Camp, Lagos Camp, Kwara Camp, Ogun Camp, etc., but it’s one thing to read someone’s experience vs. go through your own experience. There was a freaking 2 week old baby at camp the day I registered….like why is that even necessary?!?

9. Poor Drainage

move back to Nigeria

Just the other day, tintily rain poured and the gutters were overflowing! I felt so bad for my tiny car having to swim through the roads. I can only imagine what it’s like during the rainy season. If you’re planning to move back to Nigeria, brace yourself and save up for an SUV!

10. Lack of Constant Electricity

move back to Nigeria

I’m sure you were waiting like “ahn ahn, this one didn’t complain about the light”. Here, I must admit that I’m fortunate. The light situation in my house is not bad at all. Between the phcn light, inverter and generator, I’m actually pretty content with the electricity situation at home. However, my parents have started hinting that I should be contributing to the diesel fund to keep the generator running. Regardless, super grateful…thanks mum & dad!

Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned earlier, everyone will have different experiences moving back to Nigeria, although there may be some similarities here and there. Some people move back to Nigeria and hate it so much that they return to wherever they came from. Ultimately, Nigeria is not for the faint-hearted; you either move back and tell yourself you have no choice but to make it work or you move back to see how things go. You’re more like to stay if you stick with the former mindset.

I’d love to hear from you guys. Use the comments section to share your worst things about making the move back to Nigeria!


  1. Greatness

    Everything is true…Mediocrity is def no.1

    1. Kome G

      I’d have to agree with you that Mediocrity is high up the list. No escaping it. In fact, I see myself asking myself whether my standards are too high, but I’ve come to realize that I am definitely not the problem.

  2. azad_720

    Hahaha Mediocrity has pretty much lead to a lot of the problems in my opinion. I think successfully moving back is greatly dependent on your ability to tolerate having it all around you.

    1. Kome G

      I’d have to agree with you as well, Azad. Tbh, I’m still figuring out whether I can. Everyday it’s one mediocre act or the other. Haba! At first I thought someone was out to get me, but I’m not the problem. Others around me are. At times, I just feel like we Nigerians don’t even deserve better.

  3. Avatar

    Great article , funny & honest. Lots of people travel to Lagos for e.g. Summer, stay on the island, eat out, go clubbing, etc & think ‘wow I could do this all the time, let me move back!’ Of course spending a few weeks on vacay is not the same as the reality of life there.
    I think you should have given more detail on certain points e.g. Mediocrity. Give examples. It takes 3 months, lots of bribery etc to get your passport renewed and the technology used is old & inefficient. Another area needing fleshing out would be NYSC. What’s up with the camps? How about the enrolment process and so on.
    Other points are self explanatory e.g. Poor drainage or electricity issues though.

    1. Kome G

      “Spending a few weeks on vacay is not the same as the reality of life there”….THE TRUTH!! It is completely different! With the mediocrity. it’s all over our reviewnaija instagram page. You’d see people supporting stuff that’s outright bullshit and saying “ehh it’s prevalant in Nigeria”…does that make it right?!?!

  4. Avatar

    Can i send you my nysc pictures of the bathroom and the sign that says we are not allowed to knock on the door, that we should knock on the window ??? ( confused emoji face)

  5. Avatar

    Lol… What annoys me the most is when you complain about poor service or just how things are done and you get tagged as ‘the Aunty from abroad that won’t let anyone hear word’

    I accepted defeat when I realized that alot of the people i was complaining to about poor service haven’t experienced things done any other way… to them, the level of service you demand only exists in utopia.. they can’t imagine it, talkless understand it

    1. Kome G

      Lol at aunty from abroad!

      I sincerely believe that part of it is enlightenment, but part of it is also because we accept mediocrity and people would say “ehh shebi it’s Nigeria? that’s how it is here”. They know they’d get away with it, so they don’t bother to do better. I’m really hoping that ReviewNaija will continue to serve as a platform to check these businesses (but also highlight businesses that are doing the whole customer service thing right). Right now, we do all that’s within our power to ensure every listed business is aware that they’ve been reviewed on RN. We’re hoping these businesses see this platform as a way to collate free constructive feedback that can be implemented to help the business grow!

  6. Avatar

    Well done! You are doing a good job.

    I pray businesses see your review for what it is and not as a personal attack. You know how people are quick to enter defence mode.

    Well done once again.

  7. Avatar

    I am my own government jare
    Abi I am provided for by heaven’s government
    If not, I will just be complaining constantly
    Provide my water, electricity and everything else…

    Thankful for what is there sha

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