This is a long overdue post, but  I have been searching for clear/quality pictures, as the ones I have are not so clear… Anyways.

The anticipation of the programme, Mr and Miss Medilag, has finally come to an end as our winners have finally been chosen. The programme was organised by COMPSSA, an association in medilag, and El Pharos group.

This year, each department was asked to produce a contestant, and in the end, we had 12 male contestants and 10 females. The event took place in the prestigious NEW GREAT HALL. The hosts were yours truly, SandraGee, Chike (Unilag fm), and Jennipher.


The event started with the female contestants performing to Johnny by Yemi Alade, and the males dancing to Aye by Davido, and they really did well.

Next was the casual wear, then the talent hunt. This year, some of the contestants were creative enough to think outside the box and showcase other talents aside the normal dancing and singing. One of the female contestants made a dress on stage, not a full dress obviously, more like cutting material and styling it on her model..and I thought that was really creative. One of the male contestants as well decided to paint… and you wont believe this, but he painted Jesus Christ Upside down! At first, we all kept guessing what exactly he was painting, until he turned it upside down. His work got a standing ovation from the audience. It was wonderful!

Fola david painting Jesus christ.
Fola David painting Jesus Christ.

Another male contestant did a monologue and ended up ruining part of the stage, so much for expression! LOL!!

After the talent hunt, the contestants came out in their traditional attires, showcasing the various tribes in Nigeria and the rich culture of our nation. I’m so sorry I couldn’t get pictures for the traditional part; I was the host and the person I depended on for pictures disappointed me. I will make amends in the future, I promise 🙂

Anyways, highlight of the evening: the dinner costumes. All the guys looked handsome and the girls were beautiful. (That’s the right thing to say online, my opinion in person might be different).

Guys in their suits.. Apologies once again for the picture quality
Guys in their suits.. Apologies once again for the picture quality


The beautiful ladies.
The beautiful ladies.

It was time to pick the top 5 based on their talents, their confidence and outfits..


Final 5
Final 5

The top 5 contestants for both categories were then asked questions, and they all answered to the best of their abilities.

Let me also add that various artists performed, even the world famous Byno, performed on our stage and even sang his own version of All of Me. It was so beautiful!

The judgment period arrived and the winners were selected and announced.

Funke Williams, a 200 level student of Medical Lab science was pronounced queen (p.s, she was the contestant that styled a model), and Fola David, a 400 level student of Medicine and Surgery was pronounced king (he painted the picture).

Fola David- Mr Medilag
Fola David- Mr Medilag
Funke Williams - Miss Medilag
Funke Williams – Miss Medilag

That was the end of one of the most anticipated events of the year in Medilag. The after party took place at CLUB UNO on the mainland. I was so tired, I couldn’t make it. But happy to read your comments about the event/after party.

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    hmmm. for a medical school u guys sure do know how to have fun… thats how u pple did carnival.. keep up the sociality!!! no post on the carnival ???

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