Sooooooo, one of the really cool things about owning a blog is that one can post almost WHATEVER they deem fit regardless of its relevance to the message/theme of the site. *yipee*

In this case, however, this video kind of relates to the theme of “ReviewNaija”and I’d love for you, you and you to watch it. WARNING: It’s about 2.5 hours long, but well worth it. Time will fly by sef and you won’t even know it’s been that long (believe me).

I think for us to go forward as a country, we need to have an idea of where we’ve come from AND avoid making the same mistakes. I see no wisdom in making the same mistakes over and over again so please let us educate ourselves a little.. my final plug for the video.  Watch and be enlightened.  Then rate it below + share with your friends. Oh and then send in a review of any Nigerian organization of your choice just because or to enter the reviewnaija bbz10 contest! Then I’d love you forever!! Easy steps to win my love ๐Ÿ˜€

PS Feel free to share other documentaries you think would be enlightening to the Nigerian community by sending us the info here.

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    Whoop whoop. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome video with the world. I was highly enlightened. God bless Nigeria & Review Naija. Amen. It is well ๐Ÿ™‚

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