Loads of people believe February 14th is meaningless to us single people, but it means a lot! It’ s a time to be a little more expressive and not get judged for being so 🙂 It is not at all compulsory to spend the day with a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other *consoling self*, and that’s exactly what I did! And guess what? It was pretty amazing 😀

Anyway, February 14th, 2014!

I am happy to announce that I had an amazing time, and not with any guy (for those of you wondering). First of all, I had to go to school to submit a report, so I was really shocked to get a call informing me of a package in front of my school’s gate. You can imagine how excited I was to get a gift. I got to the school gate and there were 2 big boxes waiting for me from my bunny;

1. A box with a teddy bear, candles, chocolates and all sorts plus a wonderful card.

2. A box of 6 vanilla cupcakes.

I was so excited and everybody kept staring as I carried my gifts to school. I gave the package to a friend, who helped take them to my dorm. On my way out of school, I got another call from one of my friends, who informed me of an “anonymous package”; another box of 6 cupcakes and a box of chocolates. I actually think I know the anonymous person but what’s the fun in revealing? 😉

Some of my gifts
Some of my gifts


My Valentines day was just beginning o! My roommates and I had planned to see the new movie titled About Last Night at the Film-house cinemas (see review here) but trust some people to sly you. So instead of 5 people, we were down to 3, but that still didn’t dampen the fun.

We got there late and the tickets for the 4.30pm movie were sold out, so we had to wait for the 6:40pm movie.

To while away time, we decided to head over to the Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall nearby by to buy items and get Cold Stone Ice Cream (review coming soon).  Cold Stone was super packed so we had to walk around the mall and window shopping…And of course, we checked out the Three Price Shop, (all items cost 1k5, 1k or 500 naira…review coming soon). We checked out some perfume stores, went to shoprite, bought make up at Black Up etc and before we knew it,  6:40pm was upon us. Not to drop any spoiler alerts, but… About Last Night has got to be the best romantic movie I’ve seen in a while.

My Loves ! From left - Kemi, Ny and Me.
My Loves !
From left – Kemi, Ny and Me.

After the movie, we headed to Barcelos to grab dinner and the food was just terrible. Perhaps they were understaffed and couldn’t handle the Valentine’s day crowd, but it was pretty bad.

Before heading back to our dorm, we briefly “branched” by a bar where they had a live band..and of course our “brief moment” extended a little longer. And we danceddddd!!!

I couldn’t ask for a more fun day and better roommates.

Moral of the story? Babes, you can always have fun on valentine’s day even if you are single! Sandra Says So. 🙂

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    Beautiful girls . Lol and to think I helped you carry your gifts . SandraGee for them Niggs !

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    Nice post.I had a good valentine’s day too. I like your post sandra. I had a cake from my boo .

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    I had a “good enough” valentines day. Had to put off about 4 guys requesting dates because it was my cousin’s wedding. It was well worth it in the end as I was part of one of her happiest days. Many more Valentine days to come, God willing. *cheers to the f**king weekend*

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    Sly!!!!!! You finished your Cupcakes and went to the movies without Me ( ˘̶̀ ̯˘̶́) End of Friendship ( ˘˘̯).. My Valentine’s day was fun, I resumed my role of Assistant boyfriend and had fun with my Pseudo girl friend

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