As someone who has been toying around with the idea of moving back home, I’m always excited to watch videos like the one I’m about to share. Honestly, abroad is great! I guess I shouldn’t generalize… let me rephrase. The US is great! Especially when you’re close to family and loved ones. It’s not really like the days of my parents when one couldn’t really aspire for much and had to settle for not so great jobs. One can actually aspire to do great stuff in the US nowadays…BUTTTTT, and this is a VERY BIG BUT, abroad is NOT home! It’s just not the same. Inasmuch as I’ve started to feel like I’m back home when I return from a journey back to the States, the feeling is not quite the same as when I go back to Naija!

I’m sure moving back is tough. In fact, I caught up with a good friend who just relocated to Naij and has been there for about 3 weeks now. Here’s a quick summary of how that convo went:

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At the end of the day, moving home requires honesty with oneself. You’ve gotta know the type of person you are and have an idea of what you want in life. If you’re the kind that can’t stand lack of electricity, potholes, bad governance, greed, hardship, hustle-on-steroids, pollution, NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE (lol), lack of orderliness, corruption, did I already mention lawlessness? I’m sure you get my drift by now… then maybe Naij just isn’t for you. But if you’re able to see beyond all of this, or maybe you just want to make the country better by contributing your little bit, then Godspeed!!

Enjoy the video below and let us know what you think!

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    Ohh my goodness living in nigeria can be a nightmare…where do i start the story of my frustration from?
    I have decided to have the mindset that everyone is mad except I have established the person’s sanity and that has been helpful cos nothing shocks me anymore. I might have been infected with some of the madness tho…lool

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    lol…i was wondering if it’s possible to live there and not absorb some of the madness and bad behaviours….

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    Understandably, living in Nigeria can be frustrating but on the flip side I’ve heard some very inspiring and encouraging stories of people who moved back and found themselves, especially business-wise. The American experience varies for a lot of people particularly if you are in america on a visa. Career navigation is like swimming with one hand tied behind your back. My advice to anyone is to make your own choice for your own reasons based on the options available to you because everyone’s story is different. In Nigeria you can be lining up next to someone who is raking in millions and someone who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. The Economic disparity is gargantuan. In my opinion, if you’re the career type that aims to rise within a stable company for 10-15 years, then america is for you. On the other hand, if you have business aspirations and ideas will help plug market and infrastructural gaps, then Nigeria beckons for you. Just have a plan either way you choose.

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      You’re absolutely right! I think there’s a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurial type folks…you just have to know yourself and what you’re willing to put up with.

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    According to Dangote, Nigeria is the best kept secret. i tend to agree with him but not entirely. Nigeria is still a country based on Mma Madu (who u know)…and if you are the type thats willing to work hard, leverage your connections and never say yes to mediocrity, you are likely to succeed.

    i love Nigeria…despite the trouble she brings; i’m looking forward to returning home for good…only this time, i’ll be well prepared.

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      so you’ve returned home but left? why did you leave? what was that experience like?

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        I did move back after Uni for 15months…did my nysc during this time and also ran a small business. It was tough and i wasnt fully prepared mentally, financially and emotionally lol; but im glad i had that experience…now i know what i really need to succeed when I eventually go back home again.

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