1. SandraGee_

    well, the picture talks about the state of the country. How we handle issues. We actually leave everything to God, even issues we can handle ourselves.

  2. Avatar

    Sandra G said it all when she added “even issues we can handle ourselves.” Nigerians like to blame EVERYTHING that happens or doesn’t happen on God.

  3. Avatar

    The truth about this picture is that…

    *wait for it*

    *are you still waiting*

    *ok here it goes*

    This is the truth! A lot of things that can easily be solved by Nigerians they’ll say “ahh God will …”. I’ve read a couple of Ofili’s posts/sene his sketches (don’t agree with all) but he’s spot on on this one.

    Nigerians need to WAKE UP jor and stop leaving it all to God (in this regard of course)

    Disclaimer: Before you come and accuse me of anything, just know that I’m a Christian oh! I just don’t believe we should keep falling back on “leave it to God”. If we continue this way NOTHING WilL CHANGE!

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