I’m not sure y’all have had a chance to watch Kola’s video where she expresses her opinion on Naija and why she’s not going back, but my goodness! You need to check out the negativity & hatred oozing from the comments!

My opinion: Kola raises very valid points. I’m just so shocked by all the negativity towards her AND her message. Reminds me of an article I read in which the author likens Nigeria to a drunk uncle; every family member is aware of his situation & would talk about it in private, but NOT with non-family members (read full article here). In this case, we are all family members of our “drunk uncle” Nigeria. And it seems to me like Nigerians are pissed by this video because this family member has decided to put our business “out-there”.

I think we need to stop with all the negativity. I always say this, awareness is step 1! If you don’t know, you probably won’t change. I unfortunately cannot tell you I know for sure her intent of putting up this video, but it has/is definitely creating awareness. “What of?”, You might ask. “Don’t we already know the issues facing our country?” I agree, we know what the issues are. We hear them over and over again. We see them on the news, international and local. We even see them with our eyes (for those living in Nigeria) day in, day out. And you know? That’s completely fine, because it is all part of step 1: creating awareness!

Now what we should be thinking, instead of heavily criticizing, is What next? What is our step 2? What actions can we take? What can we do?

Seeing and hearing the issues are not enough! We NEED to take action!

I honestly do not have a problem with this video and hope it’ll ginger someone out there to get going and do something today! But geez, the comments got me. We really need to work on the negativity we put forth on the internet. Not a good look for our “brand” (whatever that’s worth now) as Nigerians.

See Kola’s short video below or click here to read text.

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    Wow! Totally love it. Agree with both of you.

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    I appreciate Kola’s video because it has continued an important conversation and has expressed frustrations and views that I’m sure many of us (Nigerians) share. (Her website http://www.betamotivations.com is very cool–check it out.) The idea that Nigeria does not need her presence for the country to improve is often a defeated mentality that many of our country men and women have. Our thought process is, “Change needs to happen but it does not start with me”. In all honesty it’s often easier to be a patriotic Nigerian from afar or represent it when you can afford to get away. I get that. But it’s important that we understand that change won’t happen if we are waiting for the next person to do something. (Random: Nigeria’s issues are deeper and more complicated than we understand–some of the problems are fueled by sources we don’t expect but that’s another conversation entirely.)

    I’m not quick to condemn her for speaking her mind (drunk uncle exposed or not–go to link in post above). It takes courage to do that knowing the backlash you will receive. I expect that her video will get Nigerians (those local and in diaspora) thinking about our contributions to Nigeria and realize that it’s the little things that count e.g. refusing to litter. Also, we should realize we don’t all need to start an organization, blog, etc. We can support things that are already in motion e.g. Review Naija. The difficulty with that idea is that we all want to be rich, famous and appreciated. Nonetheless, I challenge all Nigerians to take a moment to think about something you could do–no matter how simple it may seem–that would lead to our country’s improvement. Change really does start with one person…and that person is always you.

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    You lose the luxury of saying “It’s just my opinion” when you put something up on the Internet. Especially when, as in this case, it is a complete falsity of an opinion. The Internet is not a personal diary, and this is something a lot of people seem to have great difficulty understanding.
    Once you put something on the Net, and especially on a site like YouTube, you had better be able to defend it.

    The views expressed in the video are typical of my talking-head, self-righteous, soapbox, mentally vapid generation. All sound and no sense. Patriotism in absentia. And of course, as with everything else on the Internet, be it Ku Klux Klan videos or videos claiming that giant holographic killer ants exploded the World Trafe Centre, there is always bound to be those people saying, “WELL SAID!!!!111” and “WOW!”

    Case in point…

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