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Soooo my friends and I have this group chat and we tend to share relevant and not-so-relevant stuff from time to time. Ok, let me be honest. I tend to share the not-so-relevant stuff from time to time. Like this video I came across on instagram:

??? @obithemanager0 WTF?!? #FactsOnlyTho

A video posted by Panshak Zamani 🙂 (@iceprincezamani) on

Yes, he said it! “There is no Anus that you put your finger in that you will not see shit in.”

I found this video soooo hilarious! But honestly, I don’t really understand how an elderly individual thinks it’s ok to use such an analogy in a professional setting. BUT, I think this example highlights one of our “special” traits as Nigerians: diarrhea of the mouth! Yes, I said it.

I hate to generalize, but most Nigerians just don’t know how to hold their damn tongues…especially aunties and uncles who go around making statements like:

“You need to eat more, you are looking like broomstick”

“Ahhh you have turned to blon-blon (ballon)”

“This your hair, when will you relax it and start looking like a human being again?”

“There is no anus…” lol

And my all time fav:

“It’s like you’re eating all the burger in America”… I don’t even like burgers!!

I genuinely feel like folks don’t mean to be offensive when they make such statements, however, this is our culture! People just say whatever comes to mind without necessarily thinking through how their statements may be perceived or the IMPACT of their statements. And I feel like I only realized this because I currently live in a country where folks tend to be super-careful with words…almost to a fault.

I personally do not feel like one culture is right in being cautious while the other is wrong in being too honest. However, I feel like there should be an appropriate balance of honesty and sensitivity when one speaks. After all, if you go looking for shit, you’ll find shit. Similarly, if your statements are hurtful and offensive, the responses you receive will most likely be hurtful and offensive as well. As the saying goes, there is no anus that you put your finger in…LOL!

So let me know what you guys think… does the Nigerian culture promote mouth diarrhea or are Nigerians just mean people for the most part?

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    Lol. I don’t think Nigerians intend to be mean when we say stuff like that. Just that ours is a society that wasn’t raised to be sensitive. We all have a hard-shell kinda upbringing so nobody expects you to take such statements personal

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      I hear you but mehnnn! And the annoying part is that more than half the time they’d be smiling and laughing while misyarning…

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    I always get this alot considering how up and down my weight is so I can totally relate but I have decided to give them sarcastic replies that hints my displeasure at such topics. I know they mean no harm but then it’s a sensitive topic to me.

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      I’m curious to know if your sarcastic replies fly…like do folks get the message and just back off?

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    I totally agree -bmany Nigerians are far to brute with their “observations” and their need to share them!

    Wish it could be toned down a notch…or five lol

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      In fact, it’s that need to share the observations I don’t quite understand. Why not just observe in peace and keep it moving?

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    For Efe G
    Let’s just say some of them are slow in getting it….out of 10 times i’ve used it , it only worked 4 times ☹☹☹☹?

  5. SandraGee_

    I totally understand this write up. I hear this alot. Ive learnt to ignore whatever they say. i mean, a lot of family friends talks to me about how I finish the food in the house.

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    Most of my older aunts and uncle think i am either deaf and dumb or a zombie, first i used to respond in the meanest way, but then i got tired because im not a mean person naturally. So, now i just walk pass them like they are not there and give them the cold shoulder. It taught them to shut the hell up about me eventually because i wasnt giving them a listening ear to even be annoyed at.

    It will amaze you how Nigerians are bothered when you simply “ignore” them with silent treatment.

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