I had to help my friend get a Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria. She’d lived in Naij for some time and needed to show proof that she was not a nuisance while residing here. I’m usually very skeptical of information I read online especially when dealing with Nigerian organizations, so when I came across this wikiprocedure page I didn’t take the information too seriously. Then I got a quote of 100k naira to get the police clearance certificate and I was like mmm, maybe I should recheck that page and see whether it works out…I didn’t have anything to lose.

I called the phone number listed on the page (Inspector Usman Mohammed, telephone: 08033696178) and the guy who answered sounded legit and advised I come into the office. I asked him to confirm what exactly I needed and he pretty much stated everything I already had. I informed him that I didn’t have a passport photograph and he said I didn’t need that.

The next day, I showed up at the Central Criminal Registry in Ikoyi (Force C.I.D. Annex, Alagbon Close Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria), met with Inspector Usman, and was done in less than 30 minutes. All they do is collect your documents and check their records. Once it’s all cleared, you get the clearance certificate. Cost me 10k naira (as of July 2018).

Bottom line? I was super impressed that everything worked out the way it did. First time I’ve followed instructions provided on the internet and successfully completed a transaction with a Nigerian parastatal.

So if you’re looking to get a police clearance certificate in Nigeria, fear not! It’s a very straight forward process & the wikiprocedure page was actually legit & super helpful. Wish someone had told me that already and I won’t have been as skeptical…but hey, that’s the point of reviewnaija!

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