To successfully maneuver Lagos, one must be a Master of these five elements of Lagos:

  1. BRT
  2. Shuttle Buses
  3. Keke
  4. Okada
  5. Danfo

To become a Master, the individual must know how to use said elements in the most cost effective manner possible. When a drastic situation occurs (Lagos Traffic or Fuel Scarcity), these 5 powers can be of immense benefit.

All these means are fairly cheap.

I have arranged them in ascending order, 1 being the most convenient and 5 being the deadliest.

Tips to Public Transport in Lagos

  • Pray before departing
  • Always have change and small denomination notes
  • Foresee and know every part of your journey
  • Have a positive mindset towards the whole thing, and you will laugh a lot if you observe and listen, especially in Danfo Buses.

Lets begin by analyzing BRT Buses:


The intent of this means of transportation is good. And you’ve got to give it to the Lagos state Government, they did very well to introduce this. However they should have created more routes.

I am sure of the following routes, because I have used them:

  • Festac to CMS
  • Mile 2 to CMS
  • Surulere to CMS

The best of those 3 routes is Surulere to CMS because the buses are new and equipped with Air Condition. The only flaw at times is you get a crowd and sometimes people stand, however if you master this route, the crowd can be avoided.

Festac and Mile 2 routes are quite similar in that the buses have no air condition, however there is ventilation and everyone is always seated and comfortable. I use the Festac Route a lot and rarely see overcrowding from Festac to Costain/CMS.

Now please note, there are some BRT buses that are like Danfo Buses, and this is unfortunate. They are overcrowded and the buses are not in good condition. And you could see them anywhere! The last time I saw one was at Orile.

Shuttle Busespub3

Convenient if you know your way. These buses load (i.e. the bus must be full before it departs), and don’t stop to pick anyone unless it’s at a bus stop. The trick to convenience in my opinion is to stay at the front bus. That’s about it.

 Kekenape (aka Keke)pub4

The main downfall to this means of transport is that there is barely enough space, however if you’ve got money, you can pay for ‘DROP’, meaning only you in the Keke (V.I.P lol). Only G’s do this or if you’ve got load to carry, just pay drop for convenience.


Forget convenience, forget safety. I am late for my flight and Airport Road is blocked. Well, call one of these bad boys and they will help you maneuver traffic.

However Okada guys are crazy, some are mad, some are still learning to drive the damn thing and others have watched too much Jackie Chan movies.


 Hell on earth. Lucifer is Driving and Baal is the Bus conductor…lol

  • No space
  • No air, hence heat
  • The bus engine can stop anytime
  • The driver doesn’t have a key to start the vehicle, he joins wires (some shuttle buses have this issue)
  • Only the driver knows how to apply the brakes, that is if there are breaks…
  • The bus conductor wishes you forget your change
  • The person next to you is stinking or is a mechanic carrying oil stained shock absorbers…goshhh
  • Ladies please try to avoid danfo, because it is the chance for some hungry men to gradually explore sensitive body parts…

Regardless of this Hell, there is some light…Laughter, at the way some Nigerians talk. One tip: If you’re gonna enter Danfo, and you want your peace, and the journey is long, just pick the front seat.

To conclude, from Mother Madonna’s song titled Frozen: You will only see what your eyes want to see, how can life be what you want it to be?

Remain blessed!

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    This is actually a very hilarious post! Each time I read it I burst out laughing!

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    Hilarious! I so want to republish this

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