Purple Bistro Re-launch: Prior to Purple bistro’s closure in 2019, I was a very regular customer. In fact, I had reviewed them here. I loved how affordable their meals were as well as tasty, so it was quite sad when they closed down for ” Re-branding”.

Anyways, I had stumbled on the chef/owner of Purple bistro sometime this year and he explained the reasons behind the closure as well as the new location and menu and even invited me for a private dinner, which I attended (because I like events as well as free food) .

My Purple Bistro Re-launch experience

I digressed a little, back to the reason for the post. I attended the private dinner at their new location on University road, Yaba and it was quite an “interesting” event. It was slated for 6 pm, but I eventually got in at 7 pm because of traffic and nothing much had started.

Purple Bistro Re-launch


The new location is definitely bigger than the last, but still a bit small for “fine dining”. Tbh, its a small cute space with family seats, bar chairs as well as chairs and tables arranged in sets of twos and fours.

Purple Bistro Re-launch
Cocktail Bar
Purple bistro Re-launch
Bar chairs


I did not get to see the new menu as it was not revealed, however, the chef had explained during a short speech, that it was around the same pricing as the old menu. Check old menu HERE.

Food and Drinks:

For the private dinner, we had a special menu curated for us, although it was quite limited. It consisted of:

  • A platter of Burger, Fries and Chicken wings
  • Chicken quesadillas
  • Pasta with roasted peppers

For drinks, we were offered:

  • Chapman
  • Fruit punch
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Mojitos

I had the chicken quesadillas which tasted pretty good, and it was quite filling. I also had the fruit punch and the mojito. Absolutely loved the fruit punch but the mojito was definitely not on my top 10 mojito list. Deserts were the same for everybody; a mix of red velvet and chocolate cake with ice cream.

Purple bistro Re-launch
Pasta with roasted peppers
Purple bistro Re-launch
Chicken Quesadillas
Purple bistro Re-launch
Ice cream with red velvet and Chocolate cake
Purple bistro Re-launch
Burger, Fries, Chicken wings
Purple bistro Re-launch
Fruit Punch


It was quite a fun time at the private dinner, enjoyed the meal, appreciated the ambiance and audience and above all, I am excited because purple bistro is BACK!

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