Photo Credit: Picture of a Public toilet
Photo Credit:
Picture of a Public toilet

I try as much as possible to attend the Holy Ghost Night Service at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Camp in Ogun state. It’s always a great experience; amazing testimonies, powerful miracles, awesome sermons, etc. And this year’s was not a disappointment. However, I had to use the public toilet at camp this year and that experience was quite the shocker!!

My mother had decided to accompany me to the toilet. Not like it’s difficult to locate or anything, but she felt it’d be better for her to follow me as an elderly person. I guess she anticipated the “anyhow” treatment I’d receive. And in true Naija style, the service was shitty (no pun intended).

Once I got to the female public toilet, I was asked to pay 20 bucks. I am assuming the 20 bucks is for the maintenance of the toilets, and to be fair, the toilets are quite clean. I tendered 200 naira and got the regular “no change o” from the attendant.

After about 6 minutes of waiting, I was then given a bucket. Basically, I was asked to fetch water from a tap at the other side of the road. In fact, we were all asked to fetch water; young, old, pregnant, sick, etc. We all received a bucket and had to fetch water to use in flushing the toilets. Oh, by the way, there are about 5 stalls and opposite each stall is a running tap, so I kept wondering why we had to fetch water.

Also, people are given about 5 -7 minutes in the toilet, after which an attendant begins to knock on your door (so uncomfortable!). So for those of you that like your quiet toilet time or have parcopresis aka “shy bowel”, this may not really work for you.

Anyway, while waiting in line a woman arrived and apparently had soiled herself! None of us really knew what had happened, but it was obviously an emergency. So we all had mercy on the lady and asked her to cut the line.

To our utter dismay, we watched the attendants give the lady who’d soiled herself a bucket to fetch water from the other side of the road. Imagine!! I was pretty disappointed tbh. Luckily for the lady, one of the attendants knew her so they eventually let her use the toilet without fetching water.

Overall, it was a disappointing experience and I sincerely hope I won’t have any reason to visit their toilets again. Majority of the volunteers were rude, and they kept screaming at the top of their voices…almost like they were yelling talking children! There was only one civil attendant who’d tried to reassure everybody that they would get their turn.

I understand that the attendants are not paid to handle the public toilets, and they basically volunteer since they are working in the house of the Lord, but why volunteer if you know you won’t function well in that department? My advice? Volunteering is not by force! Involve yourself in departments where you will work well!

BTW, I ended up getting 100 Naira out of my 180 change. Thank God I even got some of it!

P.S Sorry I couldn’t post pictures. I was too angry to look for my phone through this awful endeavor.

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    ђāppęŋş ālmoşţ ęvęŗy ţįmę āŋd įş woŗşę dųŗįŋg ţђę āŋŋųāl çoŋvęŋţįoŋ…ŋįçę ŗęvįęw ţho

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    Honestly I won’t even put myself in that situation. I’d rather not attend/go to camp at all than have to deal with this!

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    ps – i completely agree that people should serve in departments where they can actually function and not harass other children of God!

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