ReviewNaija’s mission is to get Nigerian residents sharing their experiences while building our community. I envision a ReviewNaija that’ll feel like you, me, all of us, have got thousands of neighbors’  opinions to poll from before spending our hard-earned money on any services; mediocre, up to par or phenomenal!

Although the ReviewNaija #bbz10contest has come to an end, I’d really like to encourage everyone to keep contributing by sending in reviews of organizations, as well as stimulating & interesting articles that can inspire one to take action. We also accept reviews that won’t necessarily hold a company accountable, but can give them some constructive criticism or recognition (see here and here)

I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped spread the word about this contest, and those who took the time to send in a review. We had somewhat of a tough time deciding on the top 10 reviews, as we found a lot of the information sent in to be extremely useful.

I’d also like to use this opportunity to thank our sponsor, OverseasMarineServices, for the Z10 we’ll be giving away!

Without further ado, here’s the list of top 10 BBZ10 finalists, in no particular order. Be sure to check out the reviews before casting a vote.

Saving Baby Raymond: Duro Soleye Hospital vs Osuntuyi Medical Centre by CE

Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) by AU

Graceland Medical Center by Nonso A

Integrated Corporate Services Limited (ICSL) by Emmanuel F

Rhapsody’s VI by Tobi O

E-Centre Yaba by Olanrewaju Olatunde

Quicksell NG by Victor A

Bukka Restaurant, Abuja by Queeneth Ben

Airtel Nigeria by Nonso A

First Bank, Nigeria PLC by AO

Congratulations to all Finalists. Please ensure that you’ve followed all the required steps (liked RN on FB, followed us on Twitter, etc) as you can still be disqualified.

Please come back to vote from the 21st – 28th of July! We plan to present the phone by July 31st. May the most impactful review win! 🙂

UPDATE: We’ve closed the initial poll and opened a new poll. Both polls will be taken into consideration, however, only 1 vote/IP address will be factored in votes from poll 1.

Results from poll 1:

We have finalized the votes from the previous poll. These will be added to the final numbers in the current poll.
Saving Baby Raymond – 94
E-centre- 38
LUTH – 92
Quicksell – 5
FBN – 41
GMC – 10
Rhapsody’s – 7
Airtel – 9
ICSL – 68
Bukka – 1

This Poll is now closed.


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    Please vote for the E-Center review

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    I think the Saving Baby Raymond review is the best review here. Don’t know why its not leading the pack.

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    Saving Baby Raymond for me…………….Guys, make it happen.

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    luth for me… found it very insightful and educating

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    For me e-center got it all right. Its review is very insightful. They truly deserve it.

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    The ‘Saving Baby Raymond…’ post has both heart and substance. They should have won…

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    E-centre is entertaining with no emotional burdens. I always prefer reading light, the E-centre review does this for me.

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    Saving Baby Raymond is still the best review #gbam#>>>>>>

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