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    to be honest their service for delivery is so messed up it took the 2 hours to deliver!! and I’m talking about the one thats right in front of magodo, bear in mind that i live in magodo. How is it possible to take 2 hours to deliver to magodo and they charge 300 for transport like…i don’t know if he walked or something cause it makes no sense and this is the fourth time in a row they’re doing this. I’m never ever compensating the again NEVER

    1. Efe G

      This is quite poor, yet not surprising. I’ve had similar experiences with the Lekki branch, and their shawarma isn’t even great (in comparison to Titto’s shawatma over at Ebeano). No more 01 shawarma for me, shikena!

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    i've had their shawarma a couple of times and it's just ok. very average (on a good day). but their service really isn't the best tbh

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    I officially detest 01 customer service and will never go there again! Partly because I've found better tasting shawarma that's offered with better service and within Lekki!

    I was at 01 today around 8:32pm to order 5 mixed shawarmas. The dude told me they had closed and I challenged him because I know they stay open till 9pm. Anyway, I wasn't ready to deal with them so I just left and tried out Titto's shawarma right next to Ebeano supermarket (in the parking lot)..and I'm completely hooked! To add insult to injury, I passed by 01 on my way back home and they were still open at 9:40pm! Oh well, I'm never going back to 01… like never ever ever *in taylor swifts voice*

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