Listed and first reviewed on: 10/27/13

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    hmmmm 12 baskets is the life of my office.. i gained 5kg eating their small chops lol. my friend nikky is a die hard ddict. we are yet to have a bad experience biko

  2. I think I will luv to know about your small chops, samosa beef, samosa chicken, spring roll. The prices per one and the packaging inclusive. Secondly, if I have 2 buy it fresh n bake on my own, in large qauantity and on daily basis whats the prices like. tanx.

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    Agh, I have them when my church has a special event and I love their Small Chops, especially the Prawns. We usually order in trays, weird that you had such a bad experience.

  4. WOW! To think 12 baskets catered my sisters wedding 5yrs ago and people from church kept asking for months who did the small chops and snacks. Funny how good they were back in the days.

    1. Efe G

      Yup, my sister had them cater an event recently (Oct 24th 2013) and she said “Efe you are right, they are now bad”. Wonder what happened…

  5. SandraGee_

    I have been looking for a small chop company to cater for my birthday, thank you for this review, i CANNOT order from them, it is quite expensive, considering the fact that i am catering for 50 people.

    i will send my review on which ever company i decide to use.

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