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    3 cousins and a crook bbq is that place you keep hearing amongst friends, peers and acquaintances. I never paid much attention until I decided to write this post ‎ about my love for dude food. This Joint is located at lekki Phase 1, off admiralty road. Quite a distance from where I stay but made the trip anyway to find out what all the fuss was about. I walked into 3 cousins and immediately wasn’t impressed by the ambience. Its on outdoor joint with benches and tables stuck in sand. Usually I’ll go back to my car after such unappealing start…but I soldiered on. Once I got in, requested for their menu, I was immediately drawn to the crook fully loaded burger option. Cost N2500 (with one side order of your choice); I was told to wait 12mins but ended up waiting for 20mins. When the food arrived, I wasn’t particularly chuffed about the side order (fries) I got but the crooked fully loaded? Lordy lord…was it amazing. It wasn’t the traditional cheeseburger I have been on the hunt for, but this crooked fully loaded, is a perfect replacement for my favorite dude food. The content of this burger was so good…it had eggs, sausage, cheese, lettuce, beef, and some special burger sauce. Just yummy! Left me wanting more after I was done. I will join the bandwagon and recommend this place highly. It’s a MUST visit for any burger enthusiast like myself.

    It’s a solid 5/5 from me and will most definitely be going there this weekend but this time with a few special friends.

    My final thought: PERFECT!

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    I had their 3 crooks loaded burger delivered and I must say its good value for the cost. It came with my choice of 2 sides and a drink. Cost 2k5. Delivery cost #200.

    The burger wanted to be great but there was just something missing for me. I think the bun took away from the overall taste of the burger and the sauce was't enough. I enjoyed the rice, but the potato wedges were too dry and quite disappointing. Delivery took about an hour because they were having 'delivery difficulties'. I kept on calling but the dude was ignoring my calls. We ended up using my sisters phone to call and he answered! Lol. I'll try other items on their menu but I don't think i'll get the burger again…

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    Girl all I can say is that keep up the good work. there are many Nigerians abroad who have not been home in years and this is really helpful.

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