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    Aunty u are very biased. The movie is one of the worst movies to come out from nollywood.. .. Chill let me break it down for you.. Acting.. .Ay makun was terrible he tried so hard to impress but he was blank …i stay in warri no warri boy shout like that please.. Ramsey was ok the rest characters puff rubbish…..the only funny peeps were Mercy Johnson and Ada ameh. Storyline.. …seriously error error pure error what’s that 2014 version of osuofia in London gone wrong. …….. Production just OK.. …… Rating 2.8/10 reasons Mercy and Ada.. . Nigeria award system is useless so I dnt care box office marketing strategy perfect.. ..

    1. SandraGee_

      Sorry “uncle”! No Vex. However I think you should calm down and write your comment/review in plain , simple English language with appropriate sentences , so that educated people like the ones who read this blog will understand you ! Lovely day ahead ??

      – Sandra RN

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    Just came across dis review site recently and I must say sandra, u actually do a very neat job. The reviews are really good. And for the movie (30 days….) well I could liken it to someone who is very thirsty getting just a drop of water to drink… leaves much to be desired (upon all d hype). But generally its nt a bad movie but I really expected more.
    On a side note…..The ending was…..(gerrarahiaa…mehn)

  3. SandraGee_

    @efe lool..too bad. It wasn’t bad tbh. I just believe if bovi was akpors I would have loved the movie more..

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    The movie wasn’t too bad. It was kind of long though (about 2 hours); I found myself often glancing at my watch (but that’s probably because I was super tired too). I didn’t mind the scenes where Akpos was showing himself; it’s typically a culture shock to see some stuff happen real time vs. in the movies and all.

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    Good review Sandra. For the first time I thought it was a really nice movie, but subsequently, think it should’ve been better in content. However, nice work by AY and a good review by you- Sandra.

    1. SandraGee_

      Thank you. I’m happy we feel the same way. Its an enjoyable movie, just unneccesarily over hyped

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