Listed and first reviewed on: 03/02/17

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    Been there twice. The food is AAMAAZING! I had the chips and baracuda fish (3500 i think) while my boyfriend had the jollof spaghetti(3000 or 3500). Both came in sizeable portions. I didn’t think the spaghetti would taste nice but wen i took some from my BF, my tastebuds were just dancing! Lol! The second time i had the afang soup and wheat (3500). That one did not disappoint at allll! I could not even finish it. The soup was full to the brim with a huge chicken piece. The waiters are very very polite, the restaurant is very neat and if u stay indoors it has a romantic ambience (in my opinion). Parking space is kind of small but other than that i think the restaurant is fantastic if you’re looking for something affordable without compromising class.

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    Visited recently with my friend. I had the club sandwich while he had the chicken stroganoff. Tasted just as amazing as I heard.
    I also got the Viagra cocktail while he had the Mai Tai. I could taste the alcohol. It was delicious.

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    I really got a 100% value for my meal at 411 restaurant. Asides the bad lighting even in the restroom every other thing was so great. I would visit over and over and over.
    I had peppered gizzard for starters and then goat curry and basmati rice for main meal. The rice came with dodo and salad.

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    Amazing place and the food is nice too , just that it takes too long to be served

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