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    Oddly enough, I would say I love air peace, its still not so well known because I boarded from Accra to lagos some time last month out of a last minute option, My mum and I had booked a round fare ticket from Arik airline, Lagos to Accra and Accra to Lagos back upon departure time we found out Arik had flown back to Lagos earlier even hours before we even had arrived at the airport, due to some reasons we weren’t really interested in because no matter what we had not finished our business in Accra to have made it for the time they had taken off for there in…we were practically stranded, my mum had an urgent meeting she was the anchor of and we definitely had to look for alternatives to Lagos for that day, Road trip was so not it…how long, and there at the airport a good helper suggested air peace, we were first adamant, we had never flown or had anyone really who had flown through air peace but we had no choice…For one ticketing was affordable compared to another airline we tried to buy last minute return tickets, customer care from the staff wasn’t the best I had gotten but it was fair..There was an hour delay in the arrival of the plane which was not communicated appropriately to waiting boarders though but they later tried to make it up with snack and drink, the croissant was a bit stale and dry but the act was nice.Upon finally boarding the plain, the Pilot and the Cabin crew members were very welcoming and gave out detailed explanations (normal flying routine rules) but it was really explanatory should incase there was an emergency, the seat didn’t have back tv though but the flight overall was very smooth, complimentary drinks and snacks as well were brought out again during the flight at good timing. Landing in Lagos, our luggage again took like 30-45 minutes before we finally got them. So I actually can Agree with the first reviewer on some outlined points he made and what they should work on.Regardless of their little mistakes here and there, being still a new airline I can say its not doing too bad.
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    Air peace is actually my go to airline. i flew them about ten times or more last year.

    my experience on Monday 13th Feb 2017 was not nice however.
    i was on the first flight from Lagos to porthacourt initially scheduled for 8.30am.
    as at 10.00am we hadn’t started boarding and there was no information whatsoever from the airline we eventually got on the plane at almost 11.
    and the crew gave a half baked explanation. even arik and aero was on time. guys it was a Monday morning dont mess people up biko.

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