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    This is the worst network ever, am very tech savvy and after few months of using it, i decided to track how much data i consume compared to how much data airtel deducts and noticed that for every 1mb of data i used, airtel deducted 6.7mb data from my account.. this is just absurd and i think this network be investigated as its plain fraud..

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    Been using this network since 2005 and I must say they are doing their very best.
    Their data rate is very fast and the plan is ok. I would prefer an increase in dAta plan for andriod users.
    I am sure to have network where ever I go.
    Please work on your customer care agents, they keep people on hold and might even cut off the call. Secondly you don’t respond on time to call and its very frustrating

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    Been on the Blackbery Unlimited plan since August 2015. Airtel is my prefered network. I kept rolling over a day b4 d expiry of my plan until yesterday November 29, 2016 where my data balance was at 30GB800MB. 3am today November 30, 2016, i was browsing and i had an SMS, wen i check it said i have used up 100% of my FUP, i checkd my data balance and it is 22GB300MB. Whr did my 8GB500MB go?. Customer care isnt giving option to talk to a representative. Am pissed and i feel used and duped. -akan inokon, akwa ibom-

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    OMG! I have been duped by airtel too of this their 1500naira un limited internet . this is a criminal act that is liable legally. I need to tweet this so the whole world will know they are criminals

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    same experience i had with etisalat, after bragging to all my friends about the unlimited data plan, my bis expired in 10 days . Its annoying when they keep on shouting about how unlimited it is.

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    Wow I heard AIRTEL is horrible with a lot of dropped calls esp in lekki, didn’t know they are thieves too. THanks for this review.

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