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    Yo! Everytime my delivery rate is higher than what I’m actually buying even when free shipping is advertised ?, and it takes forever to get here but when it does I’m usually not disappointed. Still pained I had to pay more than half the price of my actual items just for delivery but I was desperate

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    AmazonToAfrica is a Freight Service run by Nigerians to bring your stuff from Amazon to Nigeria or Ghana. There are many companies like that buy this particular company PROMISES TO BRING YOU YOUR PRODUCT IN A WEEK! Now that is a big LIE. It takes about a month in my experience.
    Secondly, they say they deliver to your doorstep but then they charge you an extra 3500 naira to deliver it from Lagos and you then have to go to the Bus Stop to collect it.
    Thirdly, they also say you only pay a £25 pounds flat charge for 1-2kg but their exchange rate for pounds is 635 naira to a pound even though GTB was charging 420 to a pound then. And you cannot pay in pounds! This company is a more than a little DISHONEST.
    I simply pointed out politely in one of their Instagram posts that they should be more honest with their customers about the timeline but they immediately banned me, obviously because they intend to continue decieving other people. BEWARE!

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    have used them severally. amazing service. if you are ordeeing from amazon usa this is the best. their uk service is slow. the baby formula person probably ordered from uk. my usa orders get to me in 4 days from when it leaves the usa.

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    I’m a HUGEEEEE Amazon lover! Moved to Naij and kept my Prime membership. Saw the ad on ig and reached out to these folks asking for rates. Never got a response andddd never bothered to follow-up. I knew it was too good to be true ? ?

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