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    There was a case of drowning at the Atican beach on the 1st of October 2016.. My cousin drowned at the beach, his friend also drowned but she survived and currently in the hospital but my cousin didn’t survive

    1. SandraGee_

      I got in touch with the management of atican beach, and they claim there was no drowning recently and there has never been a drowning case at their beach. I also decided to do an extensive search online, and only found one source, which is metro news on guardian ng. My point is, for a drown case, I am expecting more stories online considering the fact that it happened 10 days ago. Please how true is this comment ?

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    And I was going to go to Atican beach the first time I was in Lekki side????. Sha with this review I won’t miss it the next time???. It’s really nice that i can get to bring in my own food?? and music???. Nice review!!!!

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    This place is awesome

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    I want to visit!!! Any idea how far this resort is from the first lekki roundabout? And are the roads good or one would need an SUV?

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      SUV is the perfect vehicle. Its not so far, its the hold up that is the wahala.

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