Listed and first reviewed on: 02/23/14

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  1. SandraGee_

    The Meat Pie at The Student Lounge in Medilag is the Best!!!!!!. Awesome. Also, I tried Mama’s bakery. i.e for barcelos, i tried their rock buns. no No. I only liked their sponge cake, which wasnt sponge in the end.

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    Well I went there to get meat-pie and they didn’t have.So that earned them a negative review.

    1. Efe G

      Which fastfood restaurant in Lagos doesn’t serve meat-pie? I think not having/serving meat-pie is almost equivalent to running out of paper napkins! lol…i love meat pie though. still looking for the best meat pie in lagos. used to be Mr Biggs back then but now, can’t seem to find a decent meat pie anywhere 🙁

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    Well,I bought their food just once,2 portions of rice for N200 and N100 dodo which wasn’t that bad quantity-wise,contrary to my expectations. Refused to buy their beef cos they said it was N200 which I felt was rather Didn’t like the taste of their stew though but apart from that everything else was just there. Plus I also agree that they may pack up soon if this their low level of patronage continues.lool

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      Mr Christos,

      Is Barcelos a mama-put?!? I don’t understand these portions you are referring to because the barcelos i’ve been going to 1) they don’t sell portions the way you have referenced and 2) it ain’t that cheap! Mr please shed some light on this…

      1. SandraGee_

        I Actually understand what he is saying, there is a branch of the barcelos chain called TRIBES . they sell like that,

    2. SandraGee_

      They sell portions ??? Loool. how weird ?? I am going to try this out soon.

    3. Efe G

      So where’s good to eat in that area? I tried foodies on campus last I was there…fried rice was pretty nice BUT they didn’t have change. hiss!

      1. SandraGee_

        Foodie!!! Still remains medilag’s joint. March Foodie review coming up

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