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    I have been there recently in 2016, and i got an excellent service, good ambiance and excellent service delivery is a function of the head of operations or the manager, after all the anointing flows from the head of Aaron, to his beards and then to the helms of his garment, if the head does not understand the importance of customer service and the meaning of supervision, then the customers would be at the mercy of the non-nonchalant staff I think there is a better head and there is a direction now.
    Prince Charles, Ikoyi.

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    Visited the lounged with my friend for the first time, nice environment. Time to place my order, wasted 45mins to get them to attend to us. Finally, we met about 5waiters who took our orders. Another 90minutes,no food nor drink. Your services suck,I was so pissed I nearly hit my car. You need to up ur game. By the way, this happened 4-12-2015.

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    They must have heard your complaints ‘cos the moment our table’s order was taken,na serviette them first place for our front. Food came in about 15mins, service was good, almost perfect I dare say.

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    Nothing has changed!! Went there to hang with some girlfriends and they were still horrible! The waitress took our order reluctantly and never came back. We saw her attending to other people and when we tried to get her attention she ignored us. We ended up leaving after requesting for the manager and no one showed up.

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    Was here on July 17th- which is after 31st June, right?

    As always, the ambience still remains superb; there was a live band (Sharp band, I think) who sang through every song much as good as the original artists- from
    Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock with you’ to Ólamide’s ‘Shakiti Bobo’- I kid you not! Live!

    However, the service at Bay Lounge is still terrible. Sure, I noticed a higher number of waiters on ground but drinks still took a while to get to our table.
    As for the hookah, just forget it! Took almost the whole of 50mins to get the ‘Hookah guy’to come take the order and another 45mins for him to bring it over…I frankly told him to take it back as we were leaving.

    And then the bill took another 15mins after asking for it….man!

    My experience in March was even worse…guess one should just strike it off one’s night-crawling list for now.

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    Bay lounge is a place to be now as all the floor managers has been sacked due to their non challant attitude. I want everyone that had experienced bad service to revisit bay lounge again by 31st of june. If you have any bad experience, please send me an email immediately and the floor manager will be sacked

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    Good place to hang out but zero customer service. Untrained staff

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      Tell me about it! Such great potential…it’s pretty sad!

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    I’ve never read a review that is so spot on! Was there last night and everything the reviewer said about Bay Lounge is the hard truth. From the ambience (excellent), to the service (poor after you order the first drink) even the issue with serviettes (take yours with you when going there).
    Clearly, food is an afterthought for them so just go there for drinks only. Someone said if you intend to have lunch there, start heading to BL immediately you’ve finished breakfast… hopefully lunch will be ready by the time that digests 🙂
    The waterside provides cool breeze and at night, the lekki bridge brightens the skyline. The music isn’t intrusive and there’s just a feel-good atmospehre about the place.
    If only the management will wake-up and realise the incredible potential in their hands

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      It’s interesting to see that nothing has changed couple months down the line!

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        A lot has changed. I have gone there twice twice Feb 27th and March 6th 2015. The service I received was nice. They were prompt in the service of drink and the food ordered. It’s a great place and it’s worth trying put. It has great potentials and they can do more. I guess they have paid attention to the reviews in the past and are working hard.

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    Try Sailors it’s just down the road after Daytona and If that doesn’t do it for you, try Farm City on Admiralty road. They all have a cool waterfront ambience…

    My experience at Bay Louge was horrible, the waitress was extremely rude, my friends that I met up with said she was like that to patrons who were buying fewer drinks. I was horrified when right in the middle of going thru the menu as I had only just arrived to meet up with my friends, she came to collect the menu book from me that a new customer had arrived and she wanted that one to give to them. I asked if that was the only one after she rudely answers my friends intervened and she went to get another menu book for the new guests, after that episode she stood idly by and we called her to order… the look she gave us felt like we were disgusting rats from hell… After she had ignored us thoroughly I went to get another waitress let me state she wasn’t serving anyone else in fact at a point went to the bar area dancing while we waited to place our order. As I was trying to talk to her about her attitude, she wasn’t even being remorseful or understanding, I asked her name telling her I will report to her manager she gave me her full names, in a do your worst manner… My experience was nasty and I put a review on their FB page (name included) only to be told but someone responding that I’m mad cos she’s prettier or maybe my boyfriend likes her better. Thank God for other hangout spaces around with better and kinder service, I may have been stuck with their yucky service cos the place is really nice. To think that I got the worst experience on my first day! Lord have mercy!!!

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      What a horrid experience! Do they read all these comments???? It seems they don’t care!If they borrowed funds from a bank or investors to set up this business, the investors should be very concerned! Horrible!

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      Thanks for your comment Funmi. And here I was thinking I’d received the worst service possible at Bay Lounge! And I did see the comment on fb about the waiteress being prettier or your bf liking her…how ignorant! I’ll definitely have to check out Farm City/Sailors when next I’m home! Thanks for the recommendations!!

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    I went to Bay Lounge for a company’s end of year party on the 18th of Dec. I hav a friend that lives 2 houses from Bay and i called her to come over. We ordered cat fish pepper soup and the lady gave us croaker fish instead and started apologizing. But seeing all this comments, i’m like ‘WOW’ bad use of that space!!!

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    This was My 3rd time there but my first time eating there. its a really nice place, the venue that is. But the service on the other hand was rather slow. I ordered a sharwarma and I thought the food was great, but waking up the next morning I had a runny tummy. Id still recommend it though just avoid the shawarma & try to ignore the rubbish service 🙂

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    I’ve never really experienced good service from them..yet i keep going back there..I wonder why

    Firstly, I agree with everyone..the ambiance is pretty good and there’s a ton of space..thats pretty much all it has going for it.

    The first time i went there, i tried their roasted fish…and that sucker was pretty much raw on the inside…had to send it back to them..twice!! Their service sucks..their rice is tasteless, their cocktails suck, I ordered their bbq ribs once and it tasted like burned meat with BBQ sauce on top.

    Basically, the only thing i would recommend getting are the bottled drinks/liquor..that’s it

    Oh…and whats that Indoor space all about? is it an extension of the outdoor area? or an event center? or a restaurant…not sure!

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      LOL! I was back there too yesterday (against my wishes of course) and service was even worse! This time they broke my glass and appeared to be serving only Fish. In their defense though it was around 1am but still…

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    Agree on the comments above. Bay lounge has so much potential n such a great vibe. Food was good but I didn’t appreciate that the waiter couldn’t recommend a good wine to have and there were only two available from the extensive list. I had been recommended by guys. Not to be stereotypical but I think if you are there for drinks and a cool vibe like guys do then definitely a great place but we ladies care a lot more about good service too and that was definitely missing. All in all, affordable,relaxed,good menu and parking space!! 🙂

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    I completely agree with Efe. The lovely environment and good company at this mini reunion was nearly ruined by the friendly but super SLOW service! Will definitely visit Bay Lounge again after all is said and done

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    I thought bay lounge was gorgeous and the ambiance was great but the customer service left a lot to be desired. It took quite a while to get drinks or food. Also avoid the shawarma, it gave me the runs

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    My first impression of Bay Lounge was – ‘Oh wow! This place is beautiful’…As for the customer service, I’m taking the 5th amendment on this one. Lol. Their club sandwich was yummy, to be fair. Just the right texture, no spilling etc. Only downside was we weren’t offered serviette. My advice, take yours if you plan to eat anything relatively ‘messy’ here.. 😉

    I’m interested to see someone use this space for a wedding though! I’m sure it’ll be breathtaking with the view….just make sure you use your own ushers / people sha. Lol.


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    MMMMM Mini reunion of high scchool friends and some other high school friends were not invited.ok ooooo. *side eye*

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      lol it was a last minute arrangement. 🙂

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