Listed and first reviewed on: 06/16/16

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    Similar experience as @beautyfreak above only that I went once. Someone who wasn’t Sade did my makeup and it was ghostly. My husband said I looked like a ghost and I was at a wedding feeling uncomfy. Paid 12k for this! Everything was good but the foundation they used for my skin wasn’t good. Loved the eyes though! 3 star rating.

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    I was the first to list and review this business but mehnnn these people have gone down!! First of all, if Sade is not doing your makeup don’t bother. Thennnn, I went a second time and no Sade. The makeup was ok but didn’t look good in pictures. Third time no Sade again but this time the makeup was terrible! I just said I’m not going back! Plus, Sade has now increased the pricing 🙁

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