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    Best shawarma is legit. Tastes good and the sausages are perfect. That said their customer service is shit. And yes I agree we need to ask for more hygiene wise.

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    I’m pretty sure he made that statement jokingly and sarcastically… And how many shawarma places use gloves for their shawarma. Even pizza places, they don’t use gloves. You can overlook somethings you know? Your rating them a 4/10 doeant change the fact that customers like me won’t still queue for their shawarma… This site is a mess

    1. SandraGee_

      First of all. You are silly. I know so many pizza places and shawarma spots that use Gloves. Just because you are fascinated by Best shawarma doesn’t mean they are right. Hygiene is key you know. Moving on, I’m not a regular customer. They can direct that remark to you because you queue for them but it’s a silly and stupid remark. To mock a customer is silly. To waste my time is silly. Take your mediocre ass out of this site tbh. Because of people like you, Nigeria won’t move forward because there is paddy paddy everywhere. Silly you.

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      Customers like you are the problem. You can’t demand for and expect more. So because others are not using gloves it’s ok? No, you cannot overlook somethings, Mr. In fact, customers like you are the problem with Nigeria. Accepting mediocrity and bullshit. Mediocre ass customers like you can keep going…I’d never even heard of this place and never plan to visit because of this review. Hiss. Please go and sit your mediocre ass down.

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    I know this place. I’ve never just stopped by. The day i wanted to my uber driver said “madam when you get there they would keep u waiting for a long time and they won’t even care because they know people queue up for them and your money wont make a difference”

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    Well… I don’t know about shawarma spots and I have not eaten a lot of sharwama. I’m still going to try them sha because one of my crushes ? says so.

    1. SandraGee_

      lol that’s good. Please try them and come share your experience here.

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